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Re-name “Earth Hour” to “Energy Hour” and base it on sound science

Doing the right things for the wrong reasons is a serious mistake

Ottawa, Canada, March 28, 2012: Earth Hour is yet another symbol of how climate activists have hijacked the environmental movement,” said Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) which is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. “Most people do not realize that, when they turn out their lights for sixty minutes on March 31, they are not supporting science-based environmental protection. Participants in Earth Hour are unwittingly helping prop up one of the most threatening scientific hoaxes in history—the idea that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities are known to be causing dangerous global warming and other problematic climate change.”

ICSC chief science advisor, Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University in Queensland, Australia and author of the best selling book, “Climate: the Counter Consensus” explained, “Science has yet to provide unambiguous evidence that problematic, or even measurable, human-caused global warming is occurring. The hypothesis of dangerous man-made climate change is based solely on computerized models that have repeatedly failed in practice in the real world.”

New Zealand-based Terry Dunleavy, ICSC founding chairman and strategic advisor said, "It's important not to waste energy, and to generate it as economically as possible in terms both of cost and depletion of natural resources. Those are the right reasons for mass gestures like Earth Hour. However, it is a mistake to promote such initiatives as 'saving the planet' by reducing emissions of CO2 when so many qualified scientists do not support the hypothesis that man-made CO2 can or does cause dangerous global warming. As the public come to realize that they have been misled about the reasons for Earth Hour, much of the incentive to engage in constructive behaviour will evaporate."

In announcing his support for Earth Hour, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon asserted, “We do so [turning off lights] in solidarity with the men, women and children, 20% of all humankind, who live with no access to electricity.”

“If we are going to demonstrate solidarity with those who lack adequate energy supplies, then we need to really feel what they feel, not just turn off a few lights,” said ICSC energy issues advisor, Bryan Leyland of Auckland, New Zealand. “Earth Hour should be renamed Energy Hour and citizens encouraged to use as little energy as possible for 60 minutes so that they can get a sense of what societies without adequate power are actually like. For this is exactly where we are headed if governments continue to yield to climate activists and try to replace reliable, base load generation with expensive, intermittent and diffuse energy sources such as wind and solar power.”

“Climate campaigners will undoubtedly once again cite the public’s participation in Earth Hour as broad support for combating climate change,” predicted Professor Ole Humlum of the Institute of Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway and author of the popular climate science Website http://www.climate4you.com/. “Some commentators have therefore suggested using as much energy as possible during the hour to demonstrate opposition to the climate scare. A more constructive approach would be to change the name and stated purpose of the program to one based on the realities of science and the world we actually live in. Energy Hour would stand the test of time. Earth Hour, based on misguided climate change fears, will not.”

For more information about this announcement or ICSC in general, visit http://www.climatescienceinternational.org


  1. Oh dear, lets see who we've got here.

    Bob Carter - not a climate scientist on the payroll of the Heartland Institute which receives funding from various energy companies and the Koch brothers

    Terry Dunleavey - a grape farmer and co-author of the dishonest and debunked Manhattan Declaration

    Bryan Leyland - an electrical engineer

    Ole Humlum - also not a climate scientist. Thus guy is a geographer who has never published a peer reviewed paper on climate science. He keeps turning up at the usual denier haunts though.

    The opinions of these people on the subject of climate change are worthless. If deniers are going to keep using scientists with vested interests and/or who are not qualified in the field of climate science, i expect them all to go to the local vet next time they get sick...after all, they are doctors too.

    1. Dear Mouse,

      The Climate Commissars are mammologists, cell biologists, Big Oil Man, economists and other assorted types. England is an oceanographer (and has a research staff of 30+ otherwise unemployed PhDs),Karoly is a maths nerd & meteorologist.
      To accept this lot while ignoring Carter, Kinninmonth, Paltridge, Franks, Evans and many others is a bit selective, don't you think?
      By the way there is no such qualification climatology.
      Climate science is a blend of atmospheric physics, chemistry, solar sciences etc as well as chemistry.
      It may involve astronomy...but not astrology!
      Unlike Geoff, I don't consider you to be an idiot....you are simply not that good!

      David Sivyer

    2. Thanks for your comment, David. See latest entry on the blog re climatology qualifications.

  2. An ill-informed opinion from an idiot who would know the truth if it bit him on the bum.

    You are right, though.Bob Carter, as you say is n ot a cliamte scientist on the payroll of the Heartland Institute.

    Incidently, I hope, anony-mouse, that you have some opinions of the fraudulent people like Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann, etc etc on the public payroll...

    1. "Participants in Earth Hour are unwittingly helping prop up one of the most threatening scientific hoaxes in history—the idea that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities are known to be causing dangerous global warming and other problematic climate change.”

      Until now, when engaging in the endless past-time of 'climate-denier-bashing' (you knock'em down, they're just so narrow minded, in general ;),that they just pop straight back up) I have refrained from pointing out that the act of staring cold,unambiguous, conclusive evidence in the face and calling it a 'hoax', otherwise known as climate change denial, is laughable. And do you know what makes me laugh?

      'Hoax'-es.....:/. That's what. So please, dear deniers. Acknowledge that the first step towards recovery (as many of you also claim non-scepticism is an illness, if you can't take it don't give it ;)<- unintentional but read it twice and you might get it)is to admit to the problem. Also a few of you, well, quite a lot of 'you', could probably do with growing some 'moral balls' and tearing up that nice fat oil sourced, environment-degrading cheque.

      Take it with a pinch of salt,
      The Hoax

  3. Thanks for the reference, Geoff.
    Although I live in rural WA, I have had the experience of visits by Bob Carter (twice), Anthony Watts & David Archibald. These visits were enabled by the efforts of Jo Nova and a local couple, Matt & Janet Thompson. Listening to Monckton (entertaining)and Klaus (great perspective)provided some added dimension beyond the slanging match that passes for debate.
    As a retired "half-chemist" and small farmer I am amazed by the demonisation of CO2!
    I know that if we had more, in any growing season, better use would be made of the excess water & sunshine!

    1. Unfortunately Matt and Janet had trouble with the local greenie and had to close their business and have returned to the USA to live.

      Australia's loss!

    2. Matt & Janet are a great loss to Narrogin. Both were very active in many ways including the local Rotary Club. A few years ago, Janet organised a major fund-raising event for the RFDS.
      Inn their battle with officialdom, Matt discovered that the EPA act & regulations(Sect 5,I think)can take superiority over other Acts & regs.
      Keep up the good work; I think the scales are staring to fall from some eyes.

      Cheers, Dave.


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