Sunday, 26 February 2012

Why the Climate Skeptics Are Winning

Alarmist caught with his pants down
Steven F. Hayward has written an opinion piece for the Weekly Standard:

Why the Climate Skeptics Are Winning

Too many of their opponents are intellectual thugs.

The forlorn and increasingly desperate climate campaign achieved a new level of ineptitude last week when what had looked like a minor embarrassment for one of its critics​—​the Chicago-based Heartland Institute​—​turned out to be a full-fledged catastrophe for itself. A moment’s reflection on the root of this episode points to why the climate campaign is out of (greenhouse) gas.
In an obvious attempt to inflict a symmetrical Climategate-style scandal on the skeptic community, someone representing himself as a Heartland Institute insider “leaked” internal documents for Heartland’s most recent board of directors meeting to a fringe environmental blog, along with a photocopy of a supposed Heartland “strategy memo” outlining a plan to disseminate a public school curriculum aimed at “dissuading teachers from teaching science.”
We sceptics are horrified that voodoo science is being taught to children. Professor Ian Plimer has wriiten a book entitled "How to Get Expelled from school," (LINK) He wrote:
Pupils can find out very quickly if their teacher is a dope or if the teacher is feeding them environmental activist propaganda. This book is also for parents to ascertain whether their children are beoing fed environmental advocacy and political propaganda...
 This blog has also frequently pled for real science to be taught to our children. An example:-
As Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang - Teach the Children well. Unfortunately the children are now being taught voodoo science. How long will it take to re-educate the people?
 Why then would an organisation like the Heartland Institute put out a document like the faked anti-science document in Fakegate? Steven F. Hayward continues:
This ham-handed phrase (one of many) should have been a tipoff to treat the document dump with some .  .  . skepticism (a trait that has gone missing from much of the climate science community). But more than a few environmental blogs and mainstream news outlets ran with the story of how this “leak” exposed the nefarious “antiscience” Neanderthals of Heartland and their fossil fuel paymasters. But the strategy memo is a fake, probably created because the genuine internal documents are fairly ho-hum.
The Heartland conferences have been too big for the media to ignore completely, though coverage has been spare and grudging. The conferences are also a morale booster for skeptics, who tend to be isolated and relentlessly assailed in their scattered outposts. It is worth adding that Heartland has always extended invitations to the leading “mainstream” figures to speak or debate at the conference, including Al Gore, NASA’s James Hansen, and senior officials from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (Heartland typically receives no response from such figures.)
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