Kyoto CO2 Emissions Controls Were A Success -NOT

The Lies of Durban: 

Kyoto CO2 Emissions Controls Were A Success

That is probably what you will hear from "OUR" ABC - Kyoto was a success. As we know, contrary to the instructions of Maurice Newman for impartiality on the Climate Change Debate, the ABC journalarmists insisted on their alarmist line. (LINK)

So, although Kyoto has been a resounding failure, the ABC is sure to push "their line" and claim this initial failure as a success.

The truth is entirely the opposite as C3 headlines reports.(Also covered by WUWT here.)   

The United Nations and European Union elites and bureaucrats must possess that unique combination of being idiot-savants and pathological liars. The people that continue to massively mismanage the global economy and financial markets, also claim that the 1997 Kyoto Protocol for CO2 emissions was a resounding success. It was sooooo successful that they now want a Kyoto II.

In fact, the empirical evidence clearly shows the Kyoto Protocol to be an abysmal failure. Instead of reducing CO2 emissions by 5.2% of the 1990 base year, actual 2010 CO2 emissions were some 46% higher and 2011 emissions are likely to be even higher. The UN and EU experts predicted the 5.2% reduction by year 2012.

Did we say abysmal failure yet?

The chart at top is total global CO2 emissions starting in 1965. Despite the UN and EU forcing the majority of countries to become Kyoto signatories, the CO2 emissions just kept on growing.

The middle chart reveals that the U.S., without signing or agreeing to the Kyoto Protocol, reduced per capita emissions the most. The EU, the principal Kyoto promoter, failed to match the U.S. accomplishments - completely opposite of what the UN experts predicted.

The final chart on the right documents the vast superiority of the U.S. free market approach to CO2 emissions: over the 2-year period ending 2010, the U.S. has robustly led the world in reducing emissions, without the penalty of the failed Kyoto regulations.


  1. You wrote:

    "Despite the UN and EU forcing the majority of countries to become Kyoto signatories, the CO2 emissions just kept on growing."

    How were countries forced into signing the agreement?


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