$100M Carbon Tax Advertising Blitz

The Liberal party reports:
The Government’s crisis mini-budget has confirmed that Australians will be subject to another carbon tax advertising blitz.
The Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook outlines the multi-million dollar communications budgets for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.  This is on top of the $24 million already spent on advertising.  It does not however detail the expected TV advertising campaign which the Department has admitted is under consideration and the Prime Minister has failed to rule out.
Don't forget that the Labor party has already revealed that more will be paid in compensation than the tax brings in.
In addition to the $24m spent so far on advertising, the Government is also proposing up to $102.4m on further advertising and related expenses:
  • Clean Energy Future – Implementation: $32.6 million over two years
  • Clean Energy Future – Improving Energy Efficiency – household advice: $5.8 million over four years 
  • Clean Energy Future – Supporting Jobs – Energy Efficiency Information Grants: $40 million over four years.  
Total cost = $102.4 million
And as the Prime Minister has intimated, there will be a possible new TV campaign, in addition to this $100 million.