Three Metre Thick Ice Area Has Doubled Since Last Year

Steve Goddard reports:

According to the US Navy, the area of 3+ metre thick ice has doubled since last autumn. This agrees with NSIDC graphs which show an increase in the area of thick multi-year ice.
Accompanying NSIDC graph, shows that I year old Ice has doubled,  2yo has increased.....

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  1. goodness the graph shows clearly what has happened, the five year ice is now three year ice,

    Don't take my word for it Geoff here is the proof

    no wonder that comment here seems almost non existent

  2. Shows that you are not a mathematician, John.

    If you add to the newer ice, the percentage of 5 year ice MUST decrease. As an example

    Age Amount % New Year doubled %
    1y 1 20 2 33.33
    2y 1 20 1 16.66
    3y 1 20 1 16.66
    4y 1 20 1 16.66
    5y 1 20 1 16.66

    Don't take my word for it, John. Do the maths yourself or have another look at the Navy images above.

  3. Age Amount % New Year doubled %
    1y... 1.. 20..... 2....... 33.33
    2y... 1.. 20..... 1....... 16.66
    3y... 1.. 20..... 1....... 16.66
    4y... 1.. 20..... 1....... 16.66
    5y... 1.. 20..... 1....... 16.66

    Note that in just one year, if one year old ice doubles, from the above figures, the percentage of five year old ice has halved.....

    You don't have to be a genius to understand that, John.

  4. Unfortunately you have to be a genius to get a table to work in blogspot comments....


    just trying to help you face the reality geoff

  6. Face the reality of the Navy images, John.


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