Sea levels fall; Arctic Ice Up.

Steve Goddard has two good posts today:

Sea Level Falling 2.5 mm/year Since The End Of 2007

Tongue in cheek he posts:

Record amounts of meltwater are pouring off Greenland into the sea and causing sea level to plummet. If Greenland suffers a complete meltdown, Atlantis may again be above water.
Hansen says that multi-metre sea level rise is dead certain, and the latest news is that CO2 is increasing much faster than expected. Hansen must be looking at 25 metres of sea level rise now, which is sure to happen the day after it stops dropping.

Arctic Ice Extent Has Increased 85% Since September

Arctic autumn temperatures have been the coldest in at least a decade, and possibly since 1996. That is why the record fast freeze is occurring.

Not what you will hear from "your" ABC or the Main Stream Media.