IPCC Wrong - New Peer-reviewed Paper

The Australian reports:

Climate forecasts 'exaggerated': Science journal

Also reported by the UK Mail on Line:
Apocalyptic predictions about climate change are likely to be wrong, a study says.
Dire forecasts by activists who say that carbon dioxide levels will 'double' and cause temperature rises of 10C are 'unlikely'.
Instead, the maximum increase is likely to be 2.6C. 
The ice age, 21,000 years ago, provided a 'clean' comparison where human activities had no effect on atmospheric levels of CO2.
The period was not as cold as previously believed.
Dr Schmittner told the Daily Mail that it would be ‘virtually impossible’ for a doubling of carbon dioxide to cause temperatures to rise by 8ºc or 10ºc.
From AFP:
"When you reconstruct sea and land surface temperatures from the peak of the last ice age 21,000 years ago -- which is referred to as the Last Glacial Maximum -- and compare it with climate model simulations of that period, you get a much different picture," said lead author Andreas Schmittner, an Oregon State University researcher.
"If these paleoclimatic constraints apply to the future, as predicted by our model, the results imply less probability of extreme climatic change than previously thought."

Links to the Paper:
Climate Sensitivity Estimated from Temperature Reconstructions of the Last Glacial Maximum AndreasSchmittner et al Science 1203513 Published online 24 November 2011 

The pdf can be downloaded from Andreas Schmittner's site here:


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