The Fraud of Man-made Global Warming

Image: Alan Caruba's Warning signs
Perhaps Australia will be doing the world a service. Perhaps the Green Gillard Government forcing her unwanted carbon dioxide tax on the Australia people will be the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the world.

As the world sees Australia's carbon dioxide causing
  • job losses due to businesses failing, 
  • job losses due to businesses relocating overseas,
  • hardships for families struggling to pay ever increasing imposts on cost of living,
  • a strangulation of the Australian economy
they might wake up to the fraud of man-made global warming.

Consider this - from Miranda Devine - just one small example of what will happen as the tax on carbon dioxide starts to be felt.
Then there are all the little immeasurables. For instance, last winter, the price of Lebanese cucumbers in NSW skyrocketed because soaring energy costs had forced the biggest grower to shut off heat lamps in some of his growing sheds.

Alan Caruba writes:
Volcanic eruptions produce more CO2 than human-related activity and there are at least twenty such eruptions from active volcanoes occurring as you read this.

If you shut down all the power plants, all the factories, all the bakeries, all commerce, the only result would be the destruction of the economy. Similarly, if you thwarted all coal, natural gas, and oil production, the agenda of the current administration, the only effect would be to render millions without jobs and without the capacity to turn on the lights or heat their homes.
Dr Kelvin Kemm is a nuclear physicist. Dr. Kemm has been awarded a Lifetime Achievers Award by the South African National Science and Technology Forum.He will be reporting for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) on the Durban COP17.

After writing of the  establishment's treatment of Galileo and loss of Lavoisier under the French Guillotine, he continues:
In modern times, I fear that we are experiencing similar sentiments to those of the Galileo period and the French Revolution period, when the topics of climate change and global warming are discussed. In far too many instances, any person who dares to challenge the climate status quo is branded a denier and is treated as an enemy of society. This is not only sad, but is also dangerous to all of mankind.

A chanting climate change advocacy group that wants modern business and industry to be guilty so that the branded anti- social industrialists can be hunted down and punished is destructive to reasoned scientific debate about climate change issues.

The scientific evidence that anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) is solely to blame for any observed climate change is scientifically very shaky.
 Very Shaky? Or non-existent?
The scientific evidence shows serious deviations from the CO2 claims, as does the historical and archaeological evidence, to just brush it aside.

The CO2 concentrations and observed temperature changes over the past century just do not correlate anywhere near as much as is necessary for scientific rigour.

The following is the part where Australia will be the canary in the coal-mine.
False and misguided government and corporate policy and actions worldwide will be highly detrimental to mankind in the coming decades, if it is based on misguided and inaccurate climate science conclusions.