Climate Chief Compromised?

Previous post on the TCS was titled "UN's Climate Chief Sounds Alarm on Global Warming"

As has been pointed out Today by Tom Nelson

Check out the Wikipedia page on UN climate hoax chief Christiana Figueres. Anybody see a conflict of interest in her heavy personal involvement in the carbon dioxide swindle market?

Ms Figueres links to the Wikipedia entry from her own bio page .
Christiana Figueres has not only been active in the public arena and in the field of NGOs, she also collaborates actively with private sector companies that align themselves with climate friendly goals. Ms. Figueres currently serves as Senior Adviser to C-Quest Capital, a carbon finance company focusing on programmatic CDM investments. She is the Principal Climate Change Advisor to ENDESA Latinoamérica, the largest private utility in Latin America with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. She is also Vice Chair of the Rating Committee of the Carbon Rating Agency, the first entity to apply credit rating expertise to carbon assets.
That puts her in the same league as Al Gore and IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri.

Meanwhile, as Joanne Nova points out HERE,

Canada, Europe, Brazil, USA, Russia planning exits or delays (from a new Kyoto type agreement.)