Rally for your rights in SA

Hi Everyone,
                     Peter Manuel from FLAGSA is organising the Rally for your rights and is doing a great job. A poster is attached.
He is hoping / expecting 3000 - 4000 people to turn up.
We have a range of speakers from those that have had rights removed without justice of any sort
to politicians who want to put their perspective on the future of Australia concerning the removal of rights etc,
 along with speakers putting up ideas for solutions from our politicians.

 Just to give you a sample of some of the info likely on the day
 Landholders are being told the Rain that falls on their SA land is owned by the crown (Where did they get that idea from? My understanding is  it always been a right bundled in land ownership that belongs to the landholder from the moment when he obtained the land title?)
We have water meters being installed on landholders dams, bought at landholders expense but in the end so the Government can reduce our allocations or force us to pay for the water in our dams,
We are being told what carrying capacity of stock we have to run our land at, ( A dictatorship that does not allow for improved productivity ?)

We also have an attempt to bring in a law that those who are caught speeding 30 km over the speed limit shall be deemed as committing a criminal offence,
then another law being brought in to strip "criminals"  of their property even if it can be shown the property was not obtained by criminal activity.
In other words the two combined Laws will be changed so a traffic offence can mean you lose your house or other things you own.

I will also be mentioning the rights we will lose under a carbon tax on top of the SA NRM plans.

Speeches will be videoed and put on youtube
If you can get there it will be much appreciated.

 Leon Ashby


  1. A few great speakers, but chaired by Senator Xenophon? As in the person leading the charge in the Senate to take so many of our rights away from us???

  2. Christopher Cochrane9 October 2011 at 11:26

    Tim Andrews,
    Don't let that stop you from attending as after all he like the other speakers are there to listen to us the people. Nick Xenophon like the other public servants who are there to represent us need to hear from the people if that means they hear stuff they might not like well then stiff as is in their job description to do the will of the people. So Tim get your questions ready for him and don't hold back as there are a lot of people who think the same way as you going and you might be surprised at the outcome that happens from asking him direct questions.


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