Climate Science Corrupted

After reading Donna Laframboise's The Delinquent Teenager (See HERE) an exposure of the irretrievably compromised Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), This Climate Sceptic (TCS) was drawn back to some of the earlier writings of John McLean and, particularly to the SPPI report, Climate Science Corrupted from November 2009.

John writes of the history of the formation of the IPCC:
The other key factor for the IPCC was the adoption of the UNEP's methods of coercing governments and the general public. Those methods included (a) the use of the environmentalists' catch-all the "precautionary principle", (b) a penchant for creating models based on partially complete scientific understanding and then citing the output of those models as evidence, (c) the politicisation of science through the implied claim that consensus determines scientific truth, (d) the use of strong personalities and people of influence, and (e) the manipulation of the media and public opinion. Directly and indirectly these methods greatly influenced political parties whether they held government or not.
John writes that "It is long overdue that the IPCC was called for what it is - a political body driven not by the evidence that it pretends exists but by the beliefs and philosophies of the UNEP , the IPCC's sponsor,  and by the initial holders of the key IPCC positions.