Monday, 5 September 2011

Union Power Corrupt? Absolute Power?

Young and Naive?

Robert Kernohan was president of the Victorian Branch of the AWU. Unlike some of his fellow union leaders, Robert genuinely wanted to look after the interests of his members.
He has sworn a statutory declaration re certain claims. The Stat Dec can be found at this site.

I am informed that Bob recorded an interview with 2UE’s Mike Smith and it was vetted by solicitors, given the go-ahead and then pulled again. Last week, I watched Kernohan via 2UE’s live Stream video, sit in 2UE’ s studios for two hours, waiting for the lawyers to give the nod. (Listen HERE.) It never came and I could hear growing despair in the voice of the show’s presenter.

I was forwarded a copy of theStatDec by one of The Climate Sceptic party’s members. Menzies House received the copy around the same time as Tim Andrews writes HERE.

There was also some to-ing and fro-ing at News Ltd.  We have a report of the Prime Minister ringing Chairman and CEO John Hartigan which resulted in an on-line article by Glen Milne being removed from the News site and normally vociferous Andrew Bolt writing on his blog: “No politics until further notice. Principles to weigh up.  Faith to keep. Sorry.”

The plot thickens. Glen Milne, a regular contributor to the ABC’s Insiders, was removed from last Sunday’s guest list and, when, host Barrie Cassidy (and his other guests Annabelle Crabbe and David Marr
actually asked Michael Sutchburry to explain why The Australian had run the old story about Julia Gillard’s relationship with former unionist Bruce Wilson and his eventual conviction for the embezzlement of union funds .
Stutchbury tried many times to answer and was literally talked over and shouted down by the other guests as to why he thought the story, in context, was fair comment. Barry Cassidy, having asked the question, chose not to intervene, and having had Stutchbury’s answer satisfactorily obfuscated, then announced that they had to move on.

This follows the strange circumstances of the activities of another union official, now member for Dobell, Craig Thomson.

The weird circumstances go something like this.
Some-one stole Thomson’s union credit card, driver’s licence and mobile phone. The thief then drove down the M7, and using Thomson’s mobile, made an appointment at a Escort Service (read brothel), ran up a bill at the brothel on the HSU credit card using Thomson’s drivers licence to confirm ID. Having sated his carnal urges, the thief then return phone, credit card and licence to Thomson.

Thomson subsequently approved the payment of the misuse of the credit card. He confirmed this in an interview with Mike Smith.

(As an aside, but how is it that the Michelle Grattans, the Phil Cooreys, the Mark Rileys and the rest of the Canberra Press Gang missed these stories whereas Andrew Bolt and especially Mike Smith chased them down?)

Fair Work Australia have been investigating the Craig Thomson affair (or should that be affairs?) for two years so far with no result. Actually one result. The officer responsible for the investigation has been bumped up to Commissioner  Hmmm…

The Telegraph reports that Craig Thomson wanted to resign but the party would not let him. The Labor party bail-out was reported to be more than $150,000 to cover his legal fees meanwhile, at the same time  Mr Thomson was applying for an extension to his home worth $100,000.

See: President dragged his heels on MP's credit card claims

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  1. The ABC should be privatized in full no questions asked and If the greens or labor want further free rides make them pay for it with the full disclosure of bottom of the draw stories which will have them out for 30 years'


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