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Where you don't miss a thing - except Mike Smith!
Freedom of Speech is wonderful.

Julia Gillard can say: "Carbon Tax." It's a lie when she really means carbon dioxide tax.

Julia Gillard can say: "The Science is settled." This also is a lie. For an example, the recent example of the resignation of Professor Ivar Giaever from the American Physical Society because they overstated the case for AGW. Or perhaps just look at these 50 distinguished present and/or former IPCC scientists who disagree with the warped IPCC summaries.

Julia Gillard can say: "Nauru Island is out..." or many other lies and distortions of the truth. But we have freedom of speech; wonderful freedom of speech; and so she has a right to express these statements whether she believes them or not.

In Communist Countries, there was no right to freedom of speech. The newspapers were produced by the party and, if something seen as dissenting eked through, the editor disappeared and re-appeared somewhere in the Gulags.

Although we have many checks and balances in our media, we are to have another media enquiry to be headed up by former Federal Court Judge Ray Finklestein QC.  It is a pity that the left bias of "our" ABC is not included in the terms of reference.
George Orwell, Animal Farm, Chapter 7
“They had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes.”
For the sake of us all, we must protect our freedom of speech.

TCS blog has written before of the story of Michael Smith, Bob Kernohan and a statutory declaration:  here and here.

Kangaroo Court has recorded the correspondence between Mr Smith and PM Gillard and some background details.
“Current AWU boss, “Big Bill” Ludwig, a major Labor powerbroker on the Right, also provided an affidavit to the court outlining corruption involving Ms Gillard’s former lover.” (Click here to read the full article)
It must be noted that Bill Ludwig has in the last few days been caught with his hand in the AWU till to pay for his personal legal costs. (Click here for The Courier Mail report) (Click here for the ABC report).
The Australian has started reporting on Julia Gillard’s past again at least to some degree. Michael Stutchbury did a story on the 9th September where it gets mentioned. (Click here to read the article)

One must ask whether Mr Smith's employer 2UE (and Fairfax Media) has been "heavied" to suspend him. The statdec has been posted on the internet for all to see HERE so if Mr Smith talks about it on air, he is not revealing hitherto unknown state secrets. If he interviews Mr Kernohan, and Mr Kernohan makes a slanderous statement, Mr Smith or the station can hit the dump button so that the slander does  not go to air.

So, where is the freedom of speech as far as 2UE goes? Are the communists winning again?

 A young lady in Queensland has set up this petition which seems to be getting some attention.

Reinstate Mike Smith to 2UE.

Whether you listen to Mike Smith or not, I recommend the petition to you in order to support freedom of speech.

2UE - where you don't miss a thing......oh, except Mike Smith.


MIKE SMITH'S legal team fight sacking.
Jodie Minus -The Australian
In a hearing at the Federal Magistrates Court yesterday, magistrate Shenagh Barnes granted an interim order that restrains 2UE from sacking Smith on the basis that it would contravene the Fair Work Act.
Under the order 2UE must also reinstate Smith, a presenter, on his former terms and conditions.
Smith's barrister, Bruce Miles, sought the order, claiming 2UE had contravened the act's general protection provision by allegedly taking "adverse action in a number of respects" against his client. These included allegedly threatening and organising to dismiss Smith from employment. There was an "urgency" in seeking the order, Mr Miles said, because lawyers for 2UE had called Smith's solicitor, John Laxon, and advised that they would be terminating the broadcaster's employment.


  1. As we are slowly dragged into the old Stalinist era, once again we must make a stand or democracy will perish as it did in Europe.Too many cases of decent reporting have been truncated and the writers sued on the simple matter of being truthful,a mannerism totally foreign to our current "Axis of Evil" and their union disciples.

  2. Sorry,did not mean to be ANONYMOUS,a typo.Neal


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