CAIN MUTINY? President Obama implemented a 7 yr oil drilling moratorium

in an effort to please Environmentalists and to promote his global warming Green agenda which has proven to be a scam by the REAL scientistific community.

TEA PARTY GOP Candidate Herman Cain Calls Man Made Global Warming a Joke


  1. Ha ha ha ha. What is the "REAL" scientific community?

  2. Good Comment, Ryan!

    Is the "real scientific Community" the IPCC or is it the un-aligned scientists who support the anti-AGW anti-IPCC truths?

  3. I'm going to go with neither. I think it's more important to consider why people believe what they believe, than who it is that is doing the believing. It's also important to consider how their beliefs are affected by contrary evidence.

    So, in your favour, you could ask "how does the IPCC respond to those few dissenters?" Conversely, I could ask "how do those few dissenters respond to the IPCC?"

    I'm curious to know how you've come to the conclusions that you've come to.

  4. FEW Dissenters, Ryan? I'm curious to know how you've come to that conclusion.

  5. Ryan's blog - Snivelling Communist has a sub heading "exploring the world of bad ideas and the ideologies that harbour them.
    Here's one to explore, Ryan.
    "The UN report contained a purely fictional claim that the massive Himalayan ice field will disappear less than 25 years from now. It ultimately owned up to this whopper, with the author of the statement admitting that the alarmist nonsense was put in to try and shock India and China into reducing their carbon dioxide emissions." (


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