Nurse takes Royal Society's pulse - nature magazine

Today has reported that
For Paul Nurse, few things are off-limits. Since taking over as president of Britain's Royal Society in December last year, he has been overseeing a strategic review that is likely to lead to the first change to the society's charter since it was signed by King Charles II in 1662
He hopes to boost the society's role in government decision-making by fostering greater involvement of its roughly 1,500 fellows and foreign members in preparing reports, potentially with the help of more policy staff. Nurse also wants to expand the number of authoritative and influential reports on key issues, such as nuclear power, climate change and the definition of life.
Andrew Montford at Bishop Hill says
Having recently announced that he wants to use the Royal Society as a tool to influence political debate, Paul Nurse has now decided that he's going to use his position as Royal Society president to try to influence elections more directly, taking a direct shot at the US Republican party.
Is it just me that finds the spectacle of the president of the Royal Society wallowing around in the mud just a little unedifying?