Letter to the Editor - Questions to PM Ms. Julia Gillard

"Young and Naive" Marraige of Convenience?
 Dear Sir / Madam,
                               The recent statutory declaration released on the internet at


written by Bob Kernohan, former AWU Vic General Branch President has to make one want to ask questions such as these to our PM Julia Gillard.

Dear Ms Gillard,

You say you did not know AWU funds were being fraudulently diverted by your defacto partner Bruce Wilson during the period you were involved in a relationship with him during the 1990`s.

Can you also confirm you did not receive $17,500 for clothing expenses and $40,000 for house renovations from Bruce Wilson or the AWU at any time?

 (* I believe this was detailed in the Victorian Parliament in 2001.)

You say you were young and naive about the true character of a man you were living with for several years.

Can we be certain you are not just as naive and "in the dark" about your political partners the Greens on such issues as climate change and the carbon tax for example?
Leon Ashby
Spokesman for The Climate Sceptics


  1. A post has been put on the Election Now site from an anonymous person calling themselves "Pensioner" . ( http://www.electionnow.com.au/?p=616&cpage=1#comment-88 )

    He details many things which are not readily available. In fact the details seem very accurate and intriguing. He has posted questions which go straight to the heart of Gillard's ability to remain in government.

    Start quote:

    This is the ABCs rather pathetic attempt to “cover” this matter.


    However, to clear all this up , all Gillard needs to do is.

    Just confirm publicly that:

    (A) You did not live at 85 Kerr Street Fitzroy Melbourne Victoria with Wilson, nor did that premises undergo renovation using cash payments to contractors.

    (B) You were never in receipt of gifts of clothing (sourced from a business known as Town Mode) and or similar businesses as is stated in Hansard in the Victorian Parliament


    (C) You did NOT handle the Cheque for $67,722.00 paid to Slater and Gordon in March 1993 which finalised the settlement of the Fitzroy purchase.
    Considering it appears it was from AWU funds out of the proceeds of a cheque made to the AWU from Theiss Constructions in the amount of $25,272.00 to Acct No. 005-1000-2590 (CBC), an account called AWU Workplace Relations Assistance Inc. it was clearly AWU funds.
    Even if as it appears this account (A) was tipped into account (B), as the solicitor representing the AWU, (the AOR if you like) you should or would have known of this transaction, regardless of the source.

    Did you handle the matter?

    (D) That the appointment of Cambridge to the NSW Industrial Relations Court was purely coincidental after he had sworn on oath that he believed the information in (C) supra was true and correct etc.

    Just a concerned citizen

    End Quote

    I have changed two things in the above quote. Kent St was mentioned instead of Kerr St. Another person saying he was the selling agent said the house was in Kerr St. Secondly the 1993 was initially written as 2003 which was admitted by the writer 'pensioner" as a mistake.

    Where 'Pensioner' has said “Workplace Relations Assistance” it may be “Welfare” not “Assistance”.

    He also mentioned that a deposit was paid on 13 February 1993 for $23,000. 'Pensioner' says he has proof of these things which may be sent to anyone wishing for it. An email address would be required.


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