Green Jobs produce oceans of red ink

The Gillard Green government are constantly pushing the benefits of Green Jobs.
Oceans of Red Ink
JULIA Gillard says Australia will probably never put a price on carbon if her planned climate change measures do not pass Parliament this year.
Defending her plan to price carbon emissions, Ms Gillard last night vowed the reforms would create jobs we "could never imagine" before.
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Building a case to support renewable energy and her carbon pollution tax, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the abundant Queensland sun could help power the region and keep the environment clean.
"We will protect Australian jobs at the same time as we create new ones," she said.
For Ms Gillard it proves her carbon tax will create green jobs and drive innovation.
However experience shows that far from creating employment, green jobs are very costly and only produce oceans of red ink. The US's Marc Morano (of Climate Depot) argues the case: