Dennis Jensen tries to table peer reviewed science papers.

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Link in title to the Hansard record of Dr Jensen's speech on the Carbon Tax Bills.

Some extracts:

As the only PhD qualified scientist in this parliament, I have watched with dismay as the local and international scientific communities and our elected leaders have taken a seemingly benign scientific theory and turned it into a regulatory monolith designed to solve an environmental misnomer. With a proper understanding of the science, I believe we would not even be entering into this carbon tax debate.

To put it simply, the carbon tax, with all its regulatory machinations, is built on quicksand. Take away the dodgy science and the need for a carbon tax becomes void. I do not accept the premise of anthropogenic climate change, I do not accept that we are causing significant global warming and I reject the findings of the IPCC and its local scientific affiliates.
I would happily debate the science with any member opposite but I know they are too gutless to take me on.
Initially, the so-called 'consensus scientists' rejected the theory that there has been no temperature increase in the last decade. They are now coming to the realisation that they have to deal with it, so we get peer reviewed papers, papers that Al Gore said did not exist, like: 'Reconciling anthropogenic climate change with observed temperature 1998-2008' and 'Trend analysis of satellite global temperature data'. They both accept that there has been no temperature increase this decade.
If the science is settled, ask the scientists if they believe we should stop funding the IPCC and anthropogenic global warming science. 
The whole point of this carbon tax is to change behaviour to reduce emissions, which means there must be pain if we are to move from an efficient industry to one that is less efficient. The simple fact is that the Gillard government is being deliberately disingenuous on this issue as they know full well that they will never be able to compensate the people adequately or economically when it becomes an ETS. In the national interest it is time to move past the politics of fear, such as, 'You need to be heavily taxed or the Great Barrier Reef or Kakadu gets it!' In conclusion, for all these and multiple other reasons, the Gillard government should not pass this legislation without the consent of Australians.
Madam Deputy Speaker Burke, I seek leave to table these peer reviewed science reports.

Leave not granted.

Does the Labor Government seek the truth in the Science behind the debate? Evidently not.
See also Jo Nova - Labor censors Dr Dennis Jensen including a full list of the papers submittted but rejected.


  1. I recently looked up the fabian society on wiki,it had a link to Australian fabians I clicked it and to my surprise it took me direct;y to the Labor page and listed all the fabian Prime ministers we've had.I know that all this environmental garbage started with these guys back around 1880.It is difficult to make the connection if you have not looked into it.I have been looking at the CEC as they are against all the green fascism and have some great ideas for this country.


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