Friday, 26 August 2011

NASA Satellites detect drop in Sea Levels; Flannery drops Blue Mountain Beach House idea.

Image: S. Nerem, University of Colorado (from NASA Site)
Forget a beach house in the Blue Mountains, perhaps Tim Flannery knew something when he bought his sea-level house on the Hawkesbury.

From NASA:
The red line in this image shows the long-term increase in global sea level since satellite altimeters began measuring it in the early 1990s. Since then, sea level has risen by a little more than an inch each decade, or about 3 millimeters per year. While most years have recorded a rise in global sea level, the recent drop of nearly a quarter of an inch, or half a centimeter, is attributable to the switch from El Niño to La Niña conditions in the Pacific. The insets show sea level changes in the Pacific Ocean caused by the recent El Niño and La Niña (see for more information on these images). 


  1. Yes many people are being misled about sea levels either deliberately or through lack of care. To find out more of my opinions i would encourage you to read or skim through my submission to the Clean Energy Legislation (carbon tax). It can be found at

  2. Thank you Kelly (and Keiron)

    Interesting and well prepared. As a teaser, part of their conclusions:


    The Clean Energy Legislation is not developed from a solid scientific or policy basis and without a mandate. It is the wrong policy approach to the challenges facing Australia now and in the future.
    It is economically unsound to be introducing legislation that will prevent the innovation required and directs money towards ineffective solutions.
    We should focus on doing every possible money saving and efficiency improvement to prepare the economy for the future.

    The science of climate change is a very complex area that is only beginning to be understood. We only have a relatively short period of accurate measurements to work from. The reasons of changes to the climate are highly arguable such as thermal emissions, land use changes and rate of natural change.

    The Climate Change Commission should be abolished as we are not able to discern what they do other than regurgitate often misleading information from IPCC, CSIRO and The Australian Academy of Science.

    The Prime Minister must apologise for the statements regarding those sceptical of the effect of CO2 induced climate change.

  3. thanks the more that read it the harder to bury it


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