IPCC chief tries to silence opposing view.

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele
The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread. - Blaise Pascal

Oppression can only survive through silence. - Carmen de Monteflores
Blaise Pascal was a very influential French mathematician and philosopher who,  in correspondence with Fermat, laid the foundations for the theory of probability.  One wonders what he would be thinking these days on the probability of the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis being correct.

Would he weigh up the evidence?

Would he look at the fact of the data being massaged? Or the fact that weather stations have been compromised by siting next to jet exhausts and air conditioning outlets? Or the fact that the IPCC has relied on non-peer-reviewed reports from Warmist propaganda bodies like the WWF? Or the fact that the editors of scientific magazines, the source of peer-reviewed papers, have been heavied?

Now, another scientific body has been heavied by none other than the Vice Chair of the IPCC Prof. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele. (Ironically, Ypersele's name includes Pascal!)

Professor Claes Johnson (on his site Claes Johnson  on Mathematics and Science) has reported that he was indirectly invited to speak at a discussion on climate science organised by SEII (Société Européenne des Ingénieurs et Industriels.

SEII (Société Européenne des Ingénieurs et Industriels, Prof Henri Masson) organizes a conference for Fred Singer and Claes Johnson at the Fondation Universitaire in Brussels on September 1, at 18 h00. Official invitation from SEII follows by E-mail.

The next day 2 September there will be a workshop with some of our Think Tank . Our preliminary programme looks as follows:

  • 18h15 S. Fred Singer : What is new in climate change?
  • 19 h 00 Claes Johnson : Blackbody radiation and Climate Thermodynamics
  • 19 h45 to 20 H30 : Questions and Answers
We are very happy to have this opportunity to bring together scientists and some politicians (we hope) and get some useful and interesting discussions.
Although the above stated that an "Official Invitation" would follow, the next correspondence that Prof Johnson received was from none other than the Vice Chair of the IPCC. Prof Johnson continues:
The effect of the letter was that the SEII/Fondation Universitaire seminar was cancelled, stopped, censored. IPCC managed to suppress questioning of the science presented by IPCC, by a forceful intervention by one of its vice-presidents.
What to say about this? Well, I am not surprised. I read that the burning of my mathematics book by KTH supported by media and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (documented as KTH-gate), is now used to motivate to also mute my voice.
Surely  Jean-Pascal van Ypersele has just put another nail in the IPCC's coffin.

The conference found a new location Rhode St. Genèse. Well done, SEII!

We have to shout it from the rooftops that the AGW hypothesis has been falsified. Oppression can only survive through silence.



  1. Did you catch my own piece on this, where I showed how van Ypersele claims 'Fred Singer has fatal conflicts of interest', but van Ypersele says his own ties to Greenpeace are not the least troublesome? The problem here lies in the fact that not a shred of evidence can be found to prove Fred Singer acts on behalf of fossil fuel companies, yet we can find evidence right in IPCC reports where they rely on information taken straight from Greenpeace reports.

    My piece is here: "Climate Science and Corruption" http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2011/08/climate_science_and_corruption.html


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