Carbon tax a mistake, admits Della Bosca

John Della Bosca
They may have different reasons than we do, but Labor people are coming out against the tax that Julia said we woudn't have. I suppose that Julia would be the first Labor person against the tax and Wayne "hysterical" Swan was the second. Then there was Morris Iemma:

Former NSW premier Morris Iemma has questioned the environmental benefits and economic cost of the scheme, saying the Government had adopted a policy that was part of the Greens' agenda of "anti-growth and anti-investment".
It would cause lower growth and investment and lead to lower incomes and fewer jobs, while only slightly reducing the rate of increase in greenhouse gas emissions, Mr Iemma told The Australian newspaper.
Now, John Della Bosca has spoken out:
THE former NSW minister John Della Bosca has called the federal government's carbon tax a mistake and the ''craziest thing'' the Prime Minister could have done.