Wayne Swan just doesn't understand

Wayne "Don't Quote me..." Swan
In a post Carbon (dioxide) Sunday interview with Alan Jones, Wayne Swan made some erroneous statements. One that Alan didn't pick him up on was when he called Alan a "Climate Change Sceptic."

Surely, Alan, you know that Climate has always Changed.

Swan also said that all the world's scientists agreed that carbon (dioxide) was pollution. Definitely not ALL, Mr Swan. Just as an example, try the petition project's 31,000 US scientists including 9,000 PhDs. I think that they would know more than you, Mr Swan. I know that they know more than me.

But the lie that is constantly being spread by he and his compadres is this: Australia is the biggest per capita "polluter" (read carbon dioxide emitter) in the world. Who fed that misinformation to you, Mr Swan? The scientists that you rely on?

Obviously because we are a vast wide brown land, we have greater distances to travel, greater distances to haul freight. For example, as the crow flies, Sydney to Perth is around 3288 kilometres, or by road around 4000 k's.  From e.g. Madrid to Moscow is approximately the same distance (see HERE) but you would fly over ten countries.

However the lie is greater than that! The UN Statistc Division's  latest per capita emissions table shows that Aruba, Bahrain, Brunei, Falklands, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Netherland Antilles, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates  and even the good old USA have greater per capita emissions than Australia.

Over at the ABC Wayne had it a little easier. On AM in an interview with SABRA LANE:

SABRA LANE: How many households will be worse off?

WAYNE SWAN: Well, in terms of no assistance, something like 700,000 households but six million households will be covered for the entire average price impact and there are something like nine million households in Australia.
Just on Mr Swan's shaky figures, three million households, or a third of Australia, will be worse. On a useless tax on non-polluting colourless carbon dioxide.

SABRA LANE: This won't be budget neutral as you've promised. Suddenly now it is going to cost $4 billion.
What? A tax brings in revenue to government! How can a tax cost money?

Herald-Sun's Malcolm Farr:
THE carbon pricing package will cost just over $4 billion and today the Government was forced to insist the fight against pollution would not wreck its Budget ambitions.
Treasurer Wayne Swan today confirmed there would be a net cost of $4.3 billion to the Budget over four years, but said the bulk of this, $2.9 billion, was in the first year.
Does this $4.3 bn include the money that Greg Combet has committed to the UN climate fund? Does it include the big bureaucracy that is going to administer the complex ins and outs of the yet to be created legislation?


  1. Swan is an idiot with no qualifications to be treasurer. Where's the economics or finance degree or some real world experience? He has NONE! The man is not fit to run a nation's finances.


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