Turnbull runs from Monckton debate challenge

Letter to the Editor  by 
The Climate Sceptic President Leon Ashby

Dear Sir / Madam,

Last Friday, the Trumpeter Turnbull announced the science of climate change was robust; saying Lord Monckton of Brenchley should be exposed as wrong.

Lord Monckton of Brenchley countered with a "duel of the jaw " on TV  to which the Trumpeter Turnbull appears to have gone weak at the knees and turned into Turnbull the Timid and retreated to his cave.

I believe Turnbull the Timid should check  the Scrolls of Climate Scientists to find one which shows a 5 degree warming for a doubling of CO2 in the next century before he ventures out.

If he cannot find one, then he should renounce his belief in the false Prophets (profits) of the Goblins of Greens - who want all to give service and taxes to their Gaia God while continually  claiming we will become rich while precisely at the same time doomsday will occur (despite no doom ever coming to pass as predicted from their boastful mutterings)

Turnbull the Timid should also check the "cause of commonsense" that Monckton of Brenchley espouses which shows the plans of both Ju-Liar the Great and the Abbott of Warringah are futile even according to the science of the Scrolls of the IPCC (to which they both claim allegiance).

These Scrolls show a 5% reduction in CO2 will only reduce Global temperatures by 0.00007 degrees (the equivalent influence of a fleas fart)

Turnbull the Timid, Ju-Liar the Great and the Abbott of Warringah all appear bound by the evil spells of the Green Goblins.

Will any of them resist and restore the Kingdom of OZ?

Leon Ashby
President -The ClimateSceptics