Tom Harris on Energy and Climate Change

Tom Harris, of the International Climate Science Coalition talks of the Oil sands subsidy and "Green Energy" subsidies.

".....The Subsidies to "Green" energy as they call it -  and it's a bit if a misnomer when you think about it because cutting down all the trees.... to put up wind turbines to kill birds and produce a little bit of energy is hardly what you'd call "Green...."
 Subsidised "Green" or "Renewable" energy sources must drive up everybody's power costs, drive up manufactoring costs, drive up retailers costs and drive up  cost of living across the board.

".....McGinty has guaranteed 20 years of subsidies for wind power at three times the market rate and solar power  at ten times the market rate...."

"....It's a free market. If people want to pay more if they believe for example that we can stop climate change by our energy choices, then fine, they can pay for it but the idea that they use tax money for this is an enormous mistake."

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    Tom Harris
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