Reds under the Bed or consuming the Greens?

Green Monster
When Lord Monckton this week at the Press Club said that the Communists had taken over the Greenpeace organisation, the scoffs of journalists resounded in the room. He then advised them to look at the Communist Manifesto and compare it with the Australian Greens Party Policies.

I wonder how many have done their homework.

Today, one of Labor's finest and a former Minister for the Environment Barry Cohen said something similar.

"The Greens dismay me quite a lot. I've had a lot of dealings with them.They're not the same as they were when I was Minister."

He said back then there were more people in the Greens that were genuinely concerned about the environment.

"The trouble is that, with the collapse of Communism, the left wing of the Labor party, they've infiltrated the Greens and now to a great degree control it."

I wonder if the Canberra Press Gang are still scoffing or are starting a rethink. I am sure that they will all be at Tuesday's National Press Club luncheon when visiting Head of State Vaclav Klaus - the Czech President -  talks of Communism.