Plan to Kill the Australian Economy

The Five Point Plan
to kill the Australian economy
with High Cost Electricity

Viv Forbes' Carbon Sense Newsletter

25 July 2011

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Burning Wind Turbine creating Warming
Pretend you were determined to embark on a crash program to increase the price of electricity in order to deter consumers and businesses from using it. Here is a five point plan for achieving that sort of destruction:

First, pay millions in compensation to force closure of reliable coal fired power stations producing cheap electricity.

Second, spend millions more in subsidies to bribe promoters to erect forests of imported wind turbines that produce no electricity for 75% of the time. Then pay again to have them switched off when the wind is too strong or if they produce more power than the network needs at that time.

Third, spend more millions to build a spider web of roads and transmission lines to connect every single turbine to the national grid. These costly facilities are only used for 25% of the time.

Fourth, spend yet more millions to build new gas fired backup generators to keep the lights on when the wind stops. Then pay again to switch off the gas any time the wind happens to blow at the right speed for the turbines.

Finally, force any remaining coal or gas power stations to buy carbon ration permits from merchant banks.

Climate will still change no matter how many wind temples we build to the Global Warming god.

When we have pauperised ourselves by wasting our savings to inflict unreliable high cost electricity on our industries and our people, we will have no resources left to cope with the inevitable natural disasters that will still occur.

This five point plan is what passes for rational energy policy from the Green/Labor Coalition now in control of the Australian Parliament.

Plain Talk on the Carbon Tax

Not content with their free publicists in the ABC, the government has now hired the commercial airwaves to try to sell another lemon – their Carbon Tax. Here is the antidote for their poisonous propaganda. Please spread it around:

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The Carbon Sense Coalition

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  1. What a bizarre road we're being led down by the Greens, obviously party-machine Julia just marching along in lock-step with Bob Brown and Christine Milne as the price of hanging onto government.Also hanging on to where the climate 'science' was in 2004.If Aussie voters as Wayne Goss once said were sitting on their front porches with baseball bats waiting to smash the Keating Government from power in 1996, the next federal election should see Gillard/Greens hit right out of the Canberra ball-park as well.And the kicker here is that I'm a life-long Labor voter.Took me years to get on board with the economic reforms of the Hawke/Keating government, but I can now see them as visionary. This new 'reform' is dangerous ideological nonsense that will cruel our minerals based economy and do not a jot to stop so-called 'Global Warming' while punishing us for wanting to enjoy our hard earned plasmas(still the best flat screen technology for me)and to stay warm/cool or have a light on.So as much as it pains me at the tribal level, unless Gillard dumps the CT(aka c..t of a tax) this 45-year-old male will vote Liberal for the first time in his life at the next election. I don't think I'll be alone. Let's smash the radical Greens out of the Senate too, lest by next electoral cycle mandatory homosexuality and Canada style Human Rights Councils are on the agenda too.

  2. The greens and their rediculous ideologies based upon their own rediclous idead and their windturbines are harmful to birds and bats and still they want more wind farms Stupid bunch of back to nature freaks eed a big storm to wash them away


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