Global Warming - American Style

Year to Date (Jan - Jun) Temperature
Contiguous United States

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Year to Date (Jan - Jun) 1998 - 2011 Data Values:
Year to Date (Jan - Jun) 1998 - 2011 Average = 49.81 degF
Year to Date (Jan - Jun) 1998 - 2011 Trend = -1.24 degF / Decade
This is big news indeed.  Both Oregon and Washington just experienced the coldest Spring in over a century, using official NCDC data going back 117 years.  The April through June period most closely approximates the Spring period. 

(H/t Ken Schlichte & Gordon Fulks)

The San Franciso Chronicle reports that

California’s long-term cooling trend proves the  global warming fraud.

California's coastal regions appear to be getting more rain and cold weather while inland areas such as Fresno are getting hotter, according to an analysis of 40 years of climate statistics.
The analysis, by meteorologist Jan Null, showed that average temperatures have increased since 1981 in only two of eight California cities surveyed compared with the 30 years starting in 1971. The information, compiled using National Climatic Data Center statistics, shows more annual rain has also fallen everywhere except in Southern California.
The data may appear to bolster the arguments of global warming skeptics, but Null said the findings actually fit in with the predictions of scientists who believe the climate is changing as a result of human-caused carbon emissions.