No Mandate for a carbon (dioxide) tax?


  1. She's wrong about that. It is the most incompetent government ever.

  2. "I didn't change my mind. I was just fucking lying, the same thing I am doing 24 hours a day," Gillard debunked all her critics.

  3. Trying to get question to Lord Monckton please.
    Since there has been no independant assessment of all U.N climate conclusions, what cost and duration would it take to completely re-assess all their assuptions and modelling?
    Since Australia is going to risk trillions of dollars on research not of our own making, maybe we should doublecheck all assumptions and modelling.
    This is not to much to ask, we would do it if our doctor told us we were going to die.
    A second opinion.
    Maybe the L.N.P in Qld can be forced into agreeing to this.Share cost with N.S.W, Vic and W.A.


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