Landsea, the IPCC & the Union of Concerned Scientists

A new post by Donna Laframboise on her wonderful blog "No Frakking Consensus" shows how the IPCC scientists warp the "science." (Link in title)

I’ve been taking a close look at the Chris Landsea controversy. A Florida-based hurricane expert, Landsea served as a contributing author and expert reviewer on both the 1995 and 2001 editions of the climate bible.
In late 2004 he was once again invited to contribute a brief section on hurricanes for what would eventually become the 2007 edition. The person then in charge of the relevant Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chapter was Kevin Trenberth – who is described in a recent interview as a “climate modeler and IPCC insider.”
Both Landsea and Trenberth are meteorologists. But Landsea’s entire career has focused on hurricanes. Trenberth’s has not.
When Chris Landsea heard that Trenberth, who had never published a research paper on the relationship between hurricanes and climate change, was to hold a press conference, he e-mailed:
There are no known scientific studies that show a conclusive physical link between global warming and hurricane frequency and intensity.
Trenberth and others went ahead with the press conference and Reuters reported:
The four hurricanes that bashed Florida and the Caribbean within a five-week period over the summer, intense storms over the western Pacific, heat waves that killed tens of thousands of Europeans last year and a continued drought across the U.S. southwest are only the beginning, the experts said.
But wait! It gets worse. He emailed senior colleagues and IPCC head Pachauri to no avail.

Donna closes with:

Wow. When I began researching the global warming debate two years ago I had no idea how far my opinion of scientists was going to plummet.

What a travesty, Kevin.