Just Running Scared - But from what?

What are you people scared of? Where are your brains?

The following is a Press Release from 
Leon Ashby 
President of the Climate Sceptics Party.

Today, just after Adelaide's 5AA announcer Leon Byner put to air mention of Lord Monckton's event at Port Adelaide Football club on 22nd of July, I received a phone call from Port Adelaide Football club to say the event was cancelled.

This event was organised after the S.A. German Club pulled out of supplying a venue for the same event. Both venues were booked without any questions then the deals broken.

We have also had the Brisbane Broncos pull out of an event in Brisbane too.

I am happy to go to air to speak about this.

 In my view this is getting way beyond the joke.

Why are people afraid of being able to have business transaction events with climate sceptics - is everything you or I do tainted with whom we associate?

Well,  some footy clubs think so!

Port Adelaide Management said they don`t want to be associated with that sort of thing.

Do they have political jokes at their functions? - Yes their manager admitted.

So why the sensitivity on this issue?

Are we in a society with people saying "unclean; unclean," their minds are evil because they think CO2 is not a pollutant.
This is footy clubs not giving the public freedom to hear both sides of a story.

Is this is the new world of the thought police?
And does this extend to Football clubs being afraid of a political backlash ( in other words) they could be seen to be against a carbon tax and afraid of loss of future government support for their club?

The corruption of freedom of speech because Government Grants are only given when you support the party line.

Can we get to the bottom of this?  

 Leon Ashby 
 Lord Monckton Tour organiser
 President The Climate sceptics


  1. Surely Port Adelaide FC could have used the money. The club will fold soon and if they are willing to deny free speech in this manner, than good riddance

  2. Do these clubs understand the elements of a standard business contract? As I remember from my early days, to long ago to remember so things might have moved on, but it was
    • offer and acceptance(1) an agreement (offer and acceptance);
    * (2) consideration (generally, the supply of money, property or services however anything will suffice as consideration be it money, or a promise to undertake, or not undertake a particular act);
    *(3) Capacity to enter legal relations. E.g. Of sound mind and legal age
    *(4) Intention by the parties to enter into legal relations
    *(5) Formalities - In most jurisdictions contracts do not need to be represented in writing however exceptions apply.
    *(6) Certainty.

    Perhaps the tour organisers should check if their contracts have been broken!!

  3. Can these clubs really cancel with NO reason?

  4. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.
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