Ice age threat should freeze Global Warming Alarmists.

Subtitle: It's the Sun, Stupid! 

Or The Lack of Sun Spot Activity.

Everyone should rug up. Alarmists and Realists alike.

The Washington Examiner in an opinion piece by Shannon Gossling reports:

Ice age threat should freeze EPA global warming regs

The U.S. National Solar Observatory, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and astrophysicists across the planet report that the nearly all-time low sunspot activity may result in a sustained cooling period on Earth.
The news has sent global warming theory advocates scrambling to discount and explain away the impact on global temperatures. However, the "news" is not really that new.
Many reputable scientists have been warning for decades that we are nearing the end of the 11,500-year average period between ice ages. And the last similar crash in sunspot activity coincided with the so-called "Little Ice Age" in the 1600s that lasted nearly a century.
 Shannon goes on to say that vested interests are continuing to push for "stringent limits on carbon dioxide emissions" despite the fact the evidence continues to grow to show CO2 is innocent.
For example, global warming alarmists admit by their own calculations that reducing carbon emissions among a sample of large U.S. "emitters" to EPA-required levels might reduce the surface temperature by .00071 degree Celsius -- or 70 times lower than what is detectable.
Why bother when the sun is doing its bit to cool  things down.
The forces at work behind the global warming regulatory regime have, at worst, covered up, ignored and manipulated climate evidence to make the case that humans cause global warming and therefore humans should be punished.
At best, the mainstream scientific community is continuing to weigh the climate data as it becomes available. Caught in the flux are millions of Americans suffering under an economic tsunami that is anything but a theory.
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