Gillard Green Government Mail-out - Return to sender.

If the polls are  right, only 20% of the people want a tax on the invisible trace gas - plant food carbon dioxide. Julia Gillard announced that she was going to "wear out her shoe leather" pushing the carbon (dioxide) tax that she said that wouldn't be. However, she ran into  much trouble  wearing out her shoe leather and it appears that the minders have locked her away in a back room to avoid further damage.

So the next tranch of the Gillard Green Government's ppropaganda push will be  a mail-out that will cost $4 million of your hard-earned.  Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt said the brochures were "destined to be junk mail" and were unlikely to explain related price rises. "Unfortunately the campaign is unlikely to tell Australians that their electricity will go up by 10 per cent in the first year and every year thereafter, and that they will be spending $3.5 billion each year every year on foreign carbon credits," he said.

Here is the suggestion.

Let Canberra know how you feel about the tax
. Mark it junk mail and mark it return to sender. If there is no return address, write RE-address to

Greg Combet
c/- Parliament House
Canberra   2600

If you get more than one in your household, re-address the second to Julia, the third to Wayne Swan, the fourth to Bob Brown etc.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet defended plans to mail out a brochure explaining the tax and related compensation measures to every household. "We understand that households are keen for factual information about the Government's household assistance package," he said.

They probably are, Greg, however it is unlikely that you will give any in you mail-out. We have seen before how you were so wrong, Greg Combet!

Will you tell them that you are so scared of the threatening rise in sea-level that you bought a beachside house. (Tim Flannery, flawed author also has a waterside property!Al Gore, flawed film-maker has several waterside properties.)

Will you tell them that the tax is on carbon dioxide and not on carbon. (Are you trying to frighten the diamond market?).

Will you tell them that carbon dioxide is essential to all life on our planet?

Will you tell them that we inhale 400ppm of CO2 and exhale 40,000 ppm of CO2?

Will you tell them that the trace gas CO2 makes up less than 0.04% of the atmosphere, that man-made CO2 emissions account for less than 3% of that and that Australia's contribution to total world CO2 emission is around 1% and that you tax superficially is going to reduce that minute amount by 5%?
How much is that, Greg? Will you tell them that?



  1. All these climate Change wanks need to be marrooned in the arctic like with all those research ships lets see GREENPEACE get stranded i want to see Greenpeace humiliated


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