Free and truthful speech being lost as Green influence grows

 Letter to the Editor by

Leon Ashby - President of The Climate Sceptics

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Something for Julia to ponder
                             Please ponder these things.

What do you think is occurring when a PM calls the invisible plant food CO2 a dirty pollutant,
or says the science about CO2 being bad is overwhelming when it is not
or says she will not introduce a carbon (dioxide) tax and then breaks her promise?

What do you think is occurring when Lord Monckton meeting venues are pressured by Green lobby groups to cancel (Brisbane Broncos) or another venue is offered money to cancel a Lord Monckton event (Ballarat) or political interference is suspected in the cancelling of another. (Port Adelaide)?

What do you think is occurring when a carbon (dioxide) tax proposal is laced with bribes and will reduce Australian competitiveness with overseas markets while it will not reduce the planets temperature one iota?

Do you smell a green con, with suppression of freedom of speech?

Do you see it related to a growing Green/red political power?

Have you been compromised into it`s subtle clutches and believe its time to get out of it?

Lord Monckton's information is a good place to start.

Leon Ashby