CFACT's Truth2Power conference busts the radical Green Left's campus monopoly

Radical Greens recently wrapped up a conference in Washington, DC, where 10,000 students gathered to be indoctrinated. They announced their radical intention to reduce carbon dioxide levels to 95% below 1990 levels by 2050. They demanded 100% of our energy be generated by unreliable “renewable” energy sources such as wind, solar and geo-thermal power, and to virtually eliminate America’s proven energy sources like fossil fuels, natural gas, and nuclear energy.  Not much of our economy or way of life would be left if they succeed.

This movement, Power Shift 2011, is truly frightening.

CFACT knows that the best way to counter Barack Obama, Al Gore and Power Shift's radical Green agenda is to offer young Americans a constructive alternative. We will not let this threat on our nation’s campuses go unchallenged. Over 25 years ago, CFACT saw the threat that radical environmentalists posed to individual freedom. CFACT took up the challenge of reaching students about the dangers of the Green movement through the creation of its “Collegians” program in 2001, before others saw the need, and today we are uniquely positioned to debunk radical propaganda with hard facts.

It's easy to lose faith in today's young people, but that would be a tragic error. We work every day with college students who are as bright, hard-working, motivated and as productive as any our nation has produced. Provide our future leaders with all the right  information and they will make smart choices. Abandon them to the liberal propaganda, let them hear only one side, and who can blame them if they fall into the trap?

With your help we will put into action an answer to the radical Green agenda. In just a few days, CFACT kicks off our ambitious Truth2Power Conference. We will fly students to our training seminar in Minnesota where they will be provided the kind of crucial information they need to effectively debunk the propaganda on their campuses. We will give them the training they need to return to their colleges in the fall and guide their fellow students past the snares of radical groups like “Power Shift.” But to make our program a success, we urgently need your help!

Your immediate gift of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more is needed to enable CFACT to train students to understand the issues, build effective organizations, develop messages for the media, and reach out and inform students on their campus. The Truth2Power conference will unite students from all over the United States with speakers from across the globe!

The excitement is palpable. This is coming together quickly. CFACT is right this minute preparing cutting edge technology which will give the Truth2Power Conference a true global reach.

Your immediate donation will permit us to create a video link to Lord Christopher Monckton who has just won a climate debate victory (10-1!) at the Australian Press Club.

Nuclear physicist Kelvin Kemm, the man pioneering pebble bed reactors that can't melt down, will also join via video link from South Africa and show a path to genuine sustainable energy.

In addition, climate scientist Roy Spencer, the man who co-founded NASA's temperature satellite progam, will address the conference from Huntsville, AL. He'll provide the hard science our students need to see the errors in climate modeling and reach a true understanding of how climate science is being misrepresented and abused.

And finally, Marc Morano, founder of CFACT's Climate Depot, will join CFACT co-founder Craig Rucker at the conference to provide a boot camp in activism and effective messaging on campus that few others can equal.

Now more than ever America needs a new generation of leaders. The Truth2Power Conference comes just in time. Together, we can expose radical Green propaganda. Help us educate our student leaders and they'll help others escape the Green trap and reduce it to mere comic relief!

With your help, we will move beyond one-sided Green indoctrination of our students on our college campuses by meeting the propaganda at every turn with solid facts, good sense and creative activism. We can't do it without you. Please make the most generous gift you can today. Together we will fight to ensure a bright future for both people and the environment!


Bill Gilles
National Director
Collegians For a Constructive Tomorrow

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