Carbon cops handed tough new powers

In the old Soviet Union, there were shortages; food shortages, clothing shortages, consumer product shortages.


Ivan: We've been in the queue for two hours now, how much longer must we wait , tovarich?

Yuri: I waited all day yesterday until they closed. I came back this morning.

Ivan: That's the last straw. I am going to the President's palace and shoot him.

A while later, Yuri sees Ivan back in the queue. He calls back to him: Why are you back here?

Ivan: The queue there was LONGER than the queue here.

Not very funny, probably a little tragic, but much Russian humour has that bitter-sweet flavour. I worked under the Soviets. I had a book that was filled with cartoons and jokes such as that one. Word must have spread because one morning the local KGB man Gennadiy stormed into my room, demanded the harmless cartoon book, tore it up and stormed out again.

Not a great problem, I was out a few dollars, but the invasion surprised and terrified me.

Why am I writing this?

Today we read of similar powers given to Julia's Storm Troopers.
A NEW carbon cop will be given sweeping powers to enter company premises, compel individuals to give self-incriminating evidence and copy sensitive records under a carbon tax package that will force about 60,000 businesses to pay 6c a litre extra for fuel.
The tough new powers of the Clean Energy Regulator were included in the fine detail of the carbon tax package released yesterday, which enshrines national emissions cuts of 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year after 2016, if the government of the day rejects targets proposed by its Climate Change Authority.
Beware! Be afraid! The socialist arm of the Gillard Green Government are dragging us closer and closer to a regime so similar to Communism that soon we may not be able to tell the difference.

There are several rallies coming up where people can and should protest the actions of the Green Gillard Government:

  • ELECTION NOW MARCH this Sunday July 31 from Hyde Park
  • ELECTION NOW! RALLY (CATA) 16 August Noon at Parliament House

Details on the No carbon Tax Web-site HERE