Winning Hearts and Minds to Climate and Energy Reality

“On June 12th, the ICSC released their International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) Strategic Plan—please see ”

Government officials often privately admit that they would welcome an opportunity to abandon the nonsensical “fight against climate change”. Climate skepticism is even more commonplace among the public, an increasing fraction of whom regard the heavy emphasis on climate change funding and subsidizing alternative energy as pandering to lobby groups.

Yet most of our leaders are still afraid to change course as long the public and media are believed (see * in next para) to overwhelmingly agree with climate alarmism. For it to be feasible for politicians to move in a sensible direction on climate and energy, the public and mass media must regularly hear from scientists who have a realistic perspective of the issues. To be effective at swaying public opinion, these experts, and the groups they work with, must be regarded as “honest brokers”, free from vested political and commercial interests. This is where ICSC has a special role to play.

(* Note: Real public opinion is difficult to quantify since virtually all surveys on this topic ask loaded questions so that they yield the results desired by their sponsors. The ICSC Strategic Plan includes a proposal to coordinate objective polls on climate change and alternative energy and then broadly publicize their results.)

Over the past four years, ICSC has established itself as the only truly international, non-partisan climate realist group in the world. As explained in our strategic plan, our coalition has effectively been a successful prototype, a proof of concept demonstrating what can be accomplished by taking an international, non-partisan, science-based approach to the climate controversy. Our research indicates that there is a vast constituency in the public and even main stream media—people who are not right wing—who would support climate realism if they could do so without abandoning their political biases. That is why it is now critical that ICSC secure the financial support to allow us to continue and spread our influence across the world.

With the increasing implementation of national, state, and even municipal climate change legislation in many countries (see here) and the next major UN climate conference (COP17) just months away, we must move rapidly. Some governments are already indicating that they may yield to international pressure for severe GHG reductions by developed countries only (see here, for example). Regardless, most developed nations have said that they will submit to legally binding emission targets under UN auspices if developing countries also have binding targets.

Many observers assert that developing nations will never agree to these restrictions and so a global deal will not happen. For reasons we have discussed here, such a view is naïve. An all-nation legally-binding international GHG treaty based on the Cancun Agreements may very well come about.

If a Cancun-based treaty does eventually became international law, GHG reduction would proceed in developing nations only to the extent that they do not interfere with their “first and overriding priorities” of “social and economic development and poverty eradication” [See Cancun Agreement].  Developed countries would be held to their emission reduction obligations regardless of the impact on their societies. The Cancun Agreement also specifies that UN monitoring is to be much more intrusive in developed countries than in developing countries.

Developed countries may effectively find themselves in an extension to the Kyoto Protocol after all. We must work hard to ensure that this never happens.

ICSC have demonstrated that we have the scientific and policy knowledge as well as the communications capability to influence the climate debate in a way no other group has to date—namely through expanding the tent of those who support climate realism to include those from across the political spectrum. It must be made “safe” for people to be climate realists irrespective of their political beliefs. Otherwise, climate alarmism will put a major burden on our societies for years to come.

Since we rely solely on contributions from supporters like you, we ask that you consider making a confidential donation to help ICSC get our message out to enough of the public so that the stage is set for governments to do the right thing on the climate file. Donations may be made by credit card or PayPal using the “Donate” button at the top of any page on the site, or by cheque filled out to “International Climate Science Coalition” and sent to:

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  1. Hi

    I have seen news stories today and recently about climate scientists saying that they have received "death threats". Do you think these stories are true? Should they be asked to back up their claims of "death threats" with evidence?

    Tom West


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