Lord Monckton Tour over - thanks to all who attended

Lord Christopher Monckton
A Carbon (Dioxide) Tax will
Lord Monckton
explained why

Lord Christopher Monkton's 2011 tour of Australia has now concluded. 

TCS President says: "He did a brilliant job!" We have a great deal of gratitude to Christopher for helping to expose the falsified  man-made CO2 caused Anthropogenic Global Warming.


  1. Oh wonderful! Lord Monckton! Is he bringing his cure for AIDS, multiple sclerosis, malaria and graves disease?


  2. No, I don't think he has a cure for those ailments, but have you been suffering any of these symptoms?
    - belief in an apocalyptic or catastrophic world outcome?
    - belief in the above views espoused by charismatic leaders whose finances are never discussed?
    - feelings of guilt induced by one's everyday behaviour, for example, transport, food, energy use, etcetera.
    - adopting an 'us' against 'them' mentality, e.g. branding others 'deniers', 'anti-science' or 'cranks'.
    - focus on an imagined enemy, i.e. 'the media', or 'big oil'.
    - excessive pride in the group, i.e. we are the only ones who are right.
    - belief in what is 'right and true', like a 'consensus', but only after it was told to you over and over again (it's called brainwashing).
    - actual physical attempts to save the world or attain paradise now, by forcing others to behave in a narrowly defined way, i.e. reduce CO2 production, pay a CO2 tax.
    - emphasis on isolation of individuals from other world views not consonant with the cult view...(i.e. 'tattoo the deniers', 'ban Monckton')
    If you answered yes to some of the above, then I believe that Christopher Monckton and his co-lecturers can benefit you. Mind you, they are not professional cult deprogrammers, but I suggest first attend one of their lectures, take some notes and then go away and do some research on your own. Can't do any harm.

  3. Case, Noosaville4 July 2011 at 13:18

    Recently I came across a local gentleman whose name is Theo, who had spoken to Monckton last year and gone to London to undergo the treatment that Monckton had mentioned, for his multiple sclerosis. He told me he has his life back!! Almost all his symptoms have gone.

  4. Is it illegal to sell tickets to an event that has been cancelled?

  5. I would say that it is illegal, yes, Scraper.

    Who is selling tickets to an event that has been cancelled?

  6. concerned mathematician5 July 2011 at 06:00

    You do know that Jo Nova is not a scientist, in fact its not even her name! After 15 years David Evans in halfway through writing an undergraduate maths book. You all know about the good Lord.

  7. Don't be concerned.
    Joanne's Qualifications

    Joanne Nova finished her Bachelor of Science degree with first class honours, A+ grades and prizes (at UWA). She also has a Graduate Certificate in Science Communication from the ANU.

    Joanne worked for three years as an Associate Lecturer for the brand new Graduate Diploma in Science Communication program at ANU.

  8. oh, actually, I correct myself.
    Ticketek is STILL selling tickets to the Melbourne German Club. So Crikey was right - german clubs cancel (someone tell Ticketek)

    isn't this illegal?

  9. You are immensely stupid, Annie Mouse.

    Go here and try to buy a ticket:


  10. concerned mathematician7 July 2011 at 14:00

    Geoff Brown,
    'Nova' got that degree over 10 years ago, and 10 years of communication (read paid lobbying) doesn't a scientist make. I notice you are silent on my other points.

  11. Thank christ, finally a man who's willing to speak the truth about Global Cooling (that was 30 years ago by the same funded group), sorry my mistake it got changed to Global warming ( by the same group), sorry my mistake, it's now Carbon change (by the same group). I love this debate, now that all scientist involved in this wealth distrubition from the west to the middle east are slowly being sued through the courts. With 100% success rate in favour to the non-believers.

  12. Just returned from North Sydney Leagues Club after an extremely educational presentation. My husband joined me, unwillingly, but came away much more open to the possibility that he is being duped. Don't miss this, it's an opportunity well worth attention. Bring a friend. Bring a believer and they can make up their own mind and maybe go away with more questions than they came with.

    Thanks for much for putting this on! I hope more people will open their minds to searching for the truth about this scam.

  13. Thank you, Nancy. I know that it's late, great that you could make it but when you say:" Bring a believer and they can make up their own mind and maybe go away with more questions than they came with." You mean some-one who has been duped by the hoax. They should come away with at least much to think about.

    Sorry about the alarm during Christopher's part of the evening, when David and Jo's youngster accidently opened a door that was connected to an alarm.

    Glad that you were entertained and informed.

  14. I notice the "canned policy consumers" are scared of a little free speech.

    Most authoritarians are.

    Its amusing how they let people who have made their fortune out of oil (Occidental Petroleum) like Al Gore speak FOR the idiocy of AGW, which is that our 3 % of 0.0038 % of the worlds atmosphere,life giving CO2, drives a vast chaotic climate system !
    (Even more risible as no one knows how climate works !)

    Yet they also let economist stooges and owners and directors of OK Tedi Mining Limited which owns one of the most polluting mines on earth, Lihir in PNG speak for them, Ross Garnaut.

    Those who accept slimy Al and Co but rail against dissenting voices are just conformist dupes and stooges who think activism in supporting government control of its citizens.

  15. Attended the rally with my husband on Saturday Hyde Park - Lord Monkton was genuine - made sense - the only trouble is and the reason Lord Monkton is being silenced - is that he is having an affect on the lefties and the loonies running the asylum - WHY? BECAUSE IT IS A DEEPLY FLAWED POLICY AND IT IS A SCAM - THE PUBLIC KNOWS IT - GAME UP GILLARD AND YOUR TIME IS OVER. Thanks Lord Monkton for REFUSING TO BE SILENCED ALONG WITH THE MAJORITY OF TRUE AUSSIE'S - WHO STAND FOR SOMETHING.

  16. Anonymous said...Attended the rally with my husband on Saturday Hyde Park - Lord Monkton was genuine - made sense....

    Thanks, Anonymous. Many good speakers at the rally exposing the hoax ....no, the fraud of the "science" behind the man-made global warming scam.

    Can you believe that today the GGG (Gillard Green Government) revealed that they are going to hand out more in BRIBES than their CO2 tax brings in? And they didn't discuss today the $$$s that they have committed to the UN Green Ckimate Fund.

  17. I can't wait I'm going to see him on Tuesday in Ballarat. It's sad that people are so brainwashed they can't even hear the truth.People just cant grasp that their own government could lie. Well it's the Carbon Tax that made Julia JuLIAR!
    She lied before everyone she'll lie again.
    If it wasn't so disturbing it would be funny how trusting and blind people are.I mean calling carbon dioxide pollution is the most absurd thing I've ever heard! I think the word "carbon" confuses people maybe they think it's carbon monoxide?
    To the alarmists who are posting here I say go read the TRUTH and stop believing the HYPE.

  18. I REALLY WOULD LIKE to attend if it was in Brisbane...Noosaville is a bit hard to get to on a work night. I love a balanced viewpoint (especially in preparation for the second power point presentation/movie onslaught from Al Gore due in Sept... seems to be trying for another stab at marketing GW to pay for all the money-spinning ventures he invested before his first power-point/movie). Anyway, Good on you Lord M and thanks for putting the truth out there, whether some like it or not!

  19. At the end of the day , the climate gate busted the fraud science , it also showed big oil backed the busted scam artists , all they have is models that are not science and are based on the very climate gate science that was busted , even the Nasa data was faked so they are just liars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTSDK3QpMHQ&feature=fvsr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsQfr7wRZsw read it and weep scam artists but EU Agenda 21 treaty is the main game signed by Keating in 1992 way before any science but based on the same rubbish which shows it is a scam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLxIbvAHXOY

  20. Wasn't Adelaide on the tour ?

    I find it laughable thinking back to when Gillard called the last election "i need a clear mandate to govern..can't move into the lodge without a clear mandate" Most pollies lie but this PM has yet to utter anything truthful.

  21. "Wasn't Adelaide on the tour ?"

    See Sth Adelaide football club - 22nd July.

  22. Will you come to Ballina NSW? You are one the best speakers on this subject.

  23. Unfortunately, the above dates are the last on this year's tour by Lord Monckton until he returns to family/

  24. Unbelievable!

    I have just listened to his self achieving contradicting speech at the National Press Club. Explaining how we need not spend fortunes today based on what MAY happen from any global warming assumptions or facts of tomorrow. I ask you dear Lord! ... Do you yourself have home, car, and life insurance? I am presuming like the other global warming sceptics, that the answer is yes, you do indeed have insurance! ... Now I ask based on your point 'wasting money for MAY happen' Why do you think you or we require to take out any such insurance policies based on this ridiculous point that what MAY happen would be only a waste of money today? ... Why I say do we need insurance? ... We require it in any case, that things 'could possibly go wrong' in order to make our tomorrows a little less problematic than could possibly be if all did become as is predicted by those whom know better than do you, if not for ourselves, then insurance is to benefit our many others to follow. Yours like the other corporate and political parties whom have more to lose by any pro global warming theories and or actions to combat or INSURE for a cleaner future, is entirely self centered and without solid foundation of fact or truth. Protecting your interests or stock portfolios will not discount the need for insurance. This man is merely claiming his 15 minutes of fame at the cost to billions perhaps trillions of people and Earth, simply based on his ability to guess predictions and discount the need to insure the facts from those who do actually know MUCH more than does he or the corporate supporting liberals whom have employed his nonsense. Please ... Go away!

  25. "contradicting speech at the National Press Club."
    You must have been confused as to which person was Lord Monckton and which person was Richard Denniss.

    Please.... take your own advice and go away!

  26. Well done Lord Monckton.

    2 things.

    Dr Dennis took offence that the Greens were not supporters of democracy; you may note that Professor Clive Hamilton and other leading greens have called for the suspension of democracy.

    Secondly, Dr Dennis used a throw-away line comparing sceptics to doubters of the moon landing; you may note that several astronauts including moon astronauts, Buzz Aldrin, Harrison Schmitt and Walter Cunningham disagree with global warming:


    As does Australia’s astronaut, Phil Chapman.

  27. Well Done M'Lord,

    Thankyou for comming to Australia, and helping to win the good fight. Your a decent bloke who has the ability to stump this mob of lemmings, please continue.

  28. Maybe the Global Warming Idiots are the sceptics and deniers that 'The Climate is not Warming' and its a conspiracy by Gore and his mates to bleed hard working middle class Aussies of their hard earned wealth. Watch soon for hyperinflation to bleed the value of your hard earned savings. As for the Greens if they want to live in a Socialist Country go somewhere else and you will soon find out what your are missing. Thank goodness for Lord Monckton and the 31,000 world scientists who petitioned that the theory of Climate Change is a load of unfounded nonsense.

  29. Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:)


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