Bob Brown and Media selling up Australia

In a rather falteringly delivered address to the Press Club, Bob Brown sold out Australia and the Press Club also sold out Australia by not reporting the big story.

The Climate Sceptics are presenting Lord Christopher Monckton at a series of talks around Australia. Before his last Australian tour, Christopher had revealed that part of the draft Copenhagen agreement was a push for a UN-led World Government. 2GB's Alan Jones and others pointed this out. This was scoffed at by both the Main Stream Media and the Warmist blogs.

For Example, when Janet Albrechtsen wrote about it, Deltoid's Tim Lambert wrote:
Problem is, Monckton's reading of the proposed framework for negotiation -- hardly a completed treaty -- was woefully inaccurate. And that's a nice way of putting it. The document clearly does nothing whatsoever to promote any sort of world government, and indeed, it refers to the efforts of national governments repeatedly.
Yesterday, in his Press Club address, Bob Brown called for a World Government. He said one person, one vote. He also said that the headquarters could be here in Australia. Well, Bob, with a World population of 6,775,235,700 and an Australian population of 21,875,000; that makes us only 0.32% of the world's population.

We could have world headquarters in Australia? Tell him he's dreaming, son. Incidently, the world government rant by Brown is not included in the Green's official transcript linked in title.

 In 2006 Bob Brown was a guest of talk-show host Dolly Putin: (From The Age)
Senator Brown will be the special guest of talk-show host Dolly Putin, an opinionated blonde described (by herself) as a heady cocktail of Pamela Anderson and Germaine Greer. The proud owner of a petrol-guzzling four-wheel-drive, Dolly doesn't believe in global warming or the scarcity of water. And the problem with endangered animals, she says, is that there are just too many of them.
Yesterday, Dolly Putin again linked up with Bob Brown. Bob Brown address included:
Some $50 billion reaped from Australia’s mineral resources will be sent overseas as dividends to foreign owners according to a Greens-commissioned paper I am releasing today - Foreign ownership of Australian mining by economist Naomi Edwards.
Naomi Edwards is the real name of  comedienne Dolly Putin. It appears her paper on mining prepared for the Greens was another comedy address. Matthew Stephens writes of this report in the Australian:
Just for starters, every assessment of the level of foreign ownership of Australia's mineral wealth, and therefore the level of capital outflow in dividends, is rendered materially wrong by a relatively simple error that could have been avoided if only Edwards had bothered to contact the companies that are the focus of her assessment.
Edward says 83 per cent of the mining industry is foreign-owned, a conclusion based on the view that BHP Billiton (which does not have a hyphen, Naomi) is 76 per cent-owned by foreign shareholders and and Rio Tinto is 83 per cent foreign-owned.
Perhaps, Dolly, er sorry, Naomi should go back to funny ha-ha instead of funny peculiar.


  1. ... But isn't Monckton a well known lunatic with no relevant credentials...? Do you guys really want to keep name-dropping this guy?

  2. alexander_q said "... But isn't Monckton a well known lunatic with no relevant credentials...?"

    No Alex, that's Bob Brown!


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