Hockeystick still cons dupes.

It is unbelievably amazing that some dupes are still conned by the fraudulent "hockeystick" (HS) of Mann, Bradley and Hughes. Unbelievable and also tragic. Just look at the counter evidence:

The HS was created to try to eliminate the MWP and the LIA - both previously shown in IPCC Assesment reports. The Climate Cabal (CC) had decided that, to get their message across - "we have to get rid of MWP" (no 5 here)
Mann tries to flatten the MWP

Mann always refers to the subtly worded US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report as his ally because he knows McIntyre & McKitrick, the Wegman Report, Hans von Storch, et al, and now the Head of the Royal Statistical Society have minced no words debunking his hockey stick. (SPPI)

The NAS found that Mann’s methods had no validation (CE) skill significantly different from zero.
The NAS said ” Mann et al. used a type of principal component analysis that tends to bias the shape of the reconstructions”, i.e. produce hockey sticks from baseball statistics, telephone book numbers, and monte carlo random numbers.

If you ever needed any evidence of fraud, there it is. After McIntyre & McKitrick entered baseball statistics, telephone book numbers, and monte carlo random numbers into Mann's model it still produced the HS. And people still are conned by this? Unbelievable.

AS to the MWP, what evidence do we have that it existed and was it world wide?

Well, here are peer-reviewed papers from around the world showing that the MWP occured.
Even Antarctica, YEP.

So, MBH98's model has been falsified by telephone numbers and Worldwide data shows also that the MWP existed and therefore Mann's Hockey Stick can not be a true indication.

And still the clowns try to prop up this disgraced paper.