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Whenever someone asserts that a scientific question is “settled,” they tell me immediately that they don’t understand the first thing about science. Science is never settled. Dr David Deming

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the science of climate change is the lack of any real substance in attempts to justify the hypothesis ~Professor Stewart Franks

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mann -oh Mann! Penn State or State Penn

In a report in the Washington Post, under the headline:

Cuccinelli reissues global warming subpoena to U-Va.

We learn that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has sent a demand for documents related to a work of a former university climate scientist.

The scientist was Michael Mann, one of the ClimateCrew, who is infamous for his disgraced "hockey-stick" graph.

Cuccinelli has limited his demand to the e-mails and documents related to one state grant Mann received. This is a result of the fact that an Albemarle County judge had quashed a previous request by Cuccinelli re grants using federal rather than state dollars.
Well, misuse of funds is misuse of funds!

But, of course legal jurisdiction is jurisdiction
. We have had a PennState U investigation into a PennState U professor. Let's see - Should the Banks investigate the increase in Bank Fees? Shouldn't any investigation be independent? Justice should be done and seen to be done.

So, we find that: "
Penn State clears climatologist Michael Mann"

If we had a Supreme Court judge who had been accused of taking bribes, who would adjudicate without bias? To have a panel of Uni Professors appraise the actions of a lead author of a highly suspect paper, is laughable.

The interesting thing is that, before Michael Mann et al prepared the disgraced "hockey-stick" graph, one of the IPCC lead authors, Jonathan Overpeck wrote to Dr David Deeming saying that, to promote the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax they had to get rid of the Medieval Warming Period. Well,

Guess What? MBH's Hockey Stick did just that!

Well, let's hope that an independent inquiry, instead of the in-house white-washes that he has experienced so far, nails Mr Mann to his one tree.

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