Climate Change CON er...(sorry) COMmittee

Source: The Australian's Joe Kelly. Now Joe Kelly, in The Australian (Link in Title) writes: "The government says members of the multi-party committee should be committed to establishing a price on carbon, and its deliberations will be in secret until an agreement is reached."

Mr Combet will Chair the Committee.

Liberal MP Dennis Jensen said the government was effectively ruling him out of the committee, adding: “I'm probably the most highly qualified scientist in this place.
He said he was being ruled out because he didn't believe in a carbon price. (See Royal Society or Royal Commission) Dennis writes in Quadrant on-line:" Admission to the Gillard government’s climate change committee is very similar to admission to the former Soviet Union’s parliament, only people of one view need apply! In the case of the Soviet Parliament, in order to stand for election, you needed to be a member of the Communist Party (perhaps this is why the premise for the committee has so much appeal to Gillard, given her previous membership of the Socialist Alliance – a group who were essentially communist in outlook). In order to get onto the climate change committee, not only do you need to be a signed on anthropogenic global warming believer, but you also need to believe that the only way that you can address the problem is not only through abatement of carbon dioxide emissions, but you need to apply a price on carbon dioxide."
Back to Mr Combet. He said on Sky News it was “complete rubbishthat the committee required its members to have a pre-ordained position. So, Mr Combet, as Federal Parliament's only Scientist, would you accept Dr Jensen on your committee? Would you accept Barnaby Joyce on your committee?
And while we are asking the questions, how about evening up the balance of the scientists, how about adding Professor Robert M Carter, Doctor David Evans and Professor Ian Plimer?
Or was your statement about a pre-ordained position a porkie?