Rising Tide of Green Madness

Anthony Cox, Committee Member of The Climate Sceptics (TCS) wrote the following article which appeared in the Newcastle Morning Herald – 29 September 2010 under the Heading:


ONCE again environmental group Rising Tide has broken the law to demonstrate opposition to man-made global warming.

Is this justified?

There are measures in place to “solve” man-made global warming, including subsidies, educational programs, grants, new bureaucracies, the Renewable Energy Target and the National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting scheme.

The effect of this will be increases in the cost of living and a chance that electricity supplies will be interrupted. The planned carbon tax will be a further burden. Rising Tide says this is not enough.

It says the science supporting man-made global warming has been settled. But has it?

The Inter-Academy Council (IAC) made up of leading scientists, recently undertook an appraisal of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), the source of the science on global warming.

The IAC found that nearly half of the reports and conclusions of the IPCC were written by environmental groups that share Rising Tide’s view. The other half were by a small group of scientists who write the IPCC’s Assessment Reports. In short, the IAC found that there was no overwhelming consensus supporting man-made global warming.

The IAC found that the scientific conclusions of the IPCC were not backed up by adequate standards of certainty. This also casts doubt over IPCC predictions.

The scientific basis of global warming has been challenged by five recent peer-reviewed papers.

The first, by Dr Roy Spencer and Danny Braswell, found that instead of reinforcing warming, clouds reduce warming. The IPCC assumes that clouds make warming worse.

The second is by Professor Richard Lindzen. The IPCC assumes carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere and that extra heat acts as a feedback to worsen warming. Professor Lindzen has shown that the amount of energy leaving the atmosphere means there is insufficient energy left for the IPCC’s feedbacks.

The third paper, by Dr Ferenc Miskolczi, a former NASA chief physicist, found that the greenhouse effect has not changed in 60 years of NASA measurement.

The fourth, by Dr Blakely McShane and Dr Abraham Wyner, found that the “hockey-stick” could not be replicated. This supposedly shows temperature over the past 2000 years as unchanging until the 20th century, when it increased rapidly. But they show that it is more likely that times in the past were warmer than today.

The fifth paper, by Professor Ross McKitrick, showed that computer models used by the IPCC had failed to predict real temperature movements over the past 30 years. The science supporting man-made global warming is not settled. Man-made global warming is most likely not real, or at least not as bad as the IPCC has concluded.

Rising Tide’s actions are not justified. The group should stick to legal methods of protest