Green Madness - Rising Tide of Idiocy

As reported on AGMates this morning ( September 26, 2010 at 10:46am) -Rising tide have stopped work on the transport of coal at the Newcastle facilities.

UPDATES: (see link in title)


The final person has been removed from a coal terminal in Newcastle, 9 and a half hours after activists completely closed down operations at all three coal terminals in the world's biggest coal port.

The 45 arrested include:

  • 36 people who occupied the coal storage area at one of Newcastle's three coal terminals. These people were arrested by police and then released without charge.
  • 4 people who locked themselves to ship-loading machinery using metal locking devices. These people were cut off by Police Rescue officers, taken into custody, and charged with Enter and Remain on Enclosed Lands (two charges each).
  • 5 people who abseiled from the top of ship-loading machines. These people were removed by Police Rescue officers in cranes. The final climber was removed at about 3pm. Climbers were charged with Enter and Remain on Enclosed Lands (two charges).

The protest began at 5:30am this morning.

All this without any proof that burning coal causes Anthropogenic Global Warming.
Will we see Main Stream Media reports tonight regarding this act of anarchy?
Lee Rhiannon has ties with this group. Will we see condemnation by her of this action?

In fact, on her official Senator site today we see the following twitter:
leerhianon: Newcastle Coal
port closed down by Rising
Tide activists. Another
courageous protest for real
action on #climatechange.
Far from condemnation! The Greens Senator is supporting illegal activity!

As one of our party members says: "I find it difficult to reconcile an Australian politician with a group that disrupts legal trade in the Port of Newcastle, as well as trying to shut down essential services such as an electrical power generation facility in the Hunter Valley last year."


  1. I find this kind of behaviour reprehensable. Who do these people think they are? It is time they were stopped. And as for Leah Rhiannon...shame, shame, shame. Who were the idiots who voted for her to gain a federal seat? Sometimes I wonder if people ever bother to check out the credentials of green candidates or anyone who claims to be 'green' when elections are on.

    I am feeling very angry about the way the whole issue of AGW is being promoted and anyone who dares to suggest that carbon is not the problem, gets shouted down, told they are unintelligent, are insulted or even abused.

    I long for the table to be turned but fear it never will.

  2. A Greenpeace Membership could land you in the US Terror Database!

    You may think it innocuous but in future, with a membership with organizations like Greenpeace you may have to say practically goodbye to studying, immigrating or visiting the US simply because you could be in their terror database. With the US in the lead can other countries not but follow suit? Why? There are indications that the world might be finally losing its patience with the increasing trend of eco-terrorism that flows from the Greenpeace type model of protests. The tipping point apparently had been the twin events of the Discovery Channel hostage crisis in the US and Greenpeace’s unconstitutional assault on an oil rig in Greenland that had their respective governments fuming.

    A new report by terrorism researchers at the University of Maryland concludes that the deadly hostage-taking incident at the Discovery Communications headquarters in suburban Washington, D.C. meets the criteria of a terrorist act. And why this report is significant is that they happen to be the wing of Homeland Security Department of the US government.

    Read more: Defeated & Frustrated: Climate Activists Turn to Terror, Go Berserk

  3. Its a joke they get off scott free they should be put in jail


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