NZ: Climate change ranks lowest among issues

Climate change ranks lowest among issues
Monday, 20 September 2010
Press Release: (NZ) Greenhouse Policy Coalition

An extract:

The Coalition’s survey found:
• Only 23.4% of people agree that New Zealand should reduce its emissions if it means reducing our standard of living – a fall from 34.9% in 2009.
• 38% disagree that New Zealand should take part in a global emissions trading regime if it costs people $5 each a week – an increase from 32.1% in 2009.
• Just 18.1% agree that we should cut emissions if it costs jobs – down from 24.3% in 2009.
• 45.1% agree with the statement “controlling emissions is mostly about saving our planet – we shouldn’t be quibbling too much about money”, a significant drop from 55.9% last year.
• A drop in support for switching to sustainable technologies if there’s a cost for doing this – from 78.3% to 65.6%.
• A drop in the number of people who think putting a price on carbon is a fair way of reducing emissions. Asked to rate their views on a scale of 0 (totally unfair) to 10 (totally fair), 32.3% gave a rating between 6 and 10, down from 37.9% last year.
• Only 33.9% agree with the statement “I feel fully informed about the ETS”, a slight rise on last year’s 29.4%.
• 45.8% of people agree that climate change is happening and is caused by humans, up from 44.2% in 2009, while 32.7% feel there is evidence that climate change is happening, but it is uncertain whether humans are the cause (down from 35.7% last year).
• There has been a slight increase among those who say the climate change problem effectively doesn’t exist (19.3%, up from 17.5%).