Open Letter to Rob Oakeshott from Tim Curtin

Hi Mr Oakeshott

Congrats on your win.

However, I think you need to be more careful with your views on climate change,as they are based on a fraud. I am preparing a Brief for a Class Action ( hopefully to be led by Slater & Gordon) against the Australian Academy of Science and all those like you who go along with their wholly specious claim that there has been ANY global warming since 1900.
For example, the Australian Academy of Science's Report’s (August 2010) first graph (Fig. 3.1, p.7) purports to show the “global surface temperature anomalies relative to 1951-1980” from 1850 to 2010 (CRU) or from 1880-2010 (GISS, NCDC). The “anomalies” are mostly negative from 1850 or 1880 until the 1940s, and thereby create the impression from the positive anomalies since the 1970s that there has indeed been “warming” of global surface temperatures. That impression is solely an artefact of the absence of instrumental temperature measurements across most of the globe until the 1940s, above all in the Tropics, and that means the AAS Report’s Fig.3.1 is fraudulent in exactly the same manner as all claims by Bernard Madoff about the financial performance of his investment funds were fraudulent, as he confessed in December 2008. It is especially reprehensible for the authors of the AAC Report not to have checked their sources, as both the NCDC and GISS make no secret of the lack of even as much as 50 per cent global coverage of instrumentally measured surface temperatures before the 1940s, as shown in my Fig.1.1 (available at NCDC), which clearly shows the nearly complete absence of such records across the world’s hot TROPICS before 1950, while the “temperature anomaly” from 1950-1980 in the Report’s Fig.3.1 does include the tropics. That means a deceptive increase in the claimed global surface temperature from the base period of 1950-1980 which includes the tropics through exclusion of the Tropics before 1950. Similarly, the Report’s Fig. 3.2 showing the “anomaly” over the period 2005-2009 excludes perforce instrumental records across much of the higher latitudes, since they have a much reduced coverage (GISS, 2010). In particular, both the former USSR and Canada have a much reduced instrumental temperature coverage of their cooler and higher latitudes since 1990. If you persist with your misguided beliefs in the furphy of "anthropogenic climate change" when there is ZERO evidence for that in the instrumental record since 1850 or 1880, do take take out some professional indemnity insurance, as I fully intend to include you in my Class Action unless I see evidence NOW of a change of heart on your part. BTW, be aware I have given three seminars on all this at ANU since 2008, as you can see at my website. Tim Curtin