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Message from Party President Leon Ashby

Dear members and readers,

The Australian Federal election on August 21st will be very important. Perhaps one of the biggest issues is that if the ALP returns a carbon tax looks very likely.

In our view the election of independent thinking senators will be vital. The way the major political parties prevent freedom of thought and speech from their parliamentarians is robbing us of open debate, and true democracy - and that needs addressing as well.

The Climate Sceptics will have a senate candidate in every state and lower house candidates in several marginal seats around the country. We will have our candidates speaking forthrightly on a number of issues as well as refuting any need for carbon taxes

To assist our candidates, we want to put a series of 30 second television ads to air in as many capital cities as possible. They can cost an airtime price from $200 to $3,000 depending the time slot and the city. We are aiming to have some very strong messages with our TV ads mixed with irony, a bit more radical than our last bunch of TV ads. They should cause a stir.
You will get low resolution email copies in a few weeks time for sending to your contacts to enjoy.

We have funding for about 10 ads to be aired in Canberra, but we would like to broadcast in other cities as well.

If you can assist us with a donation (tax deductible up to $1500) it would be much appreciated. You can designate your preferred state that the funds go towards as well with your donation. Please either make a direct deposit into Westpac BSB 035612 A/C 239469 The Climate Sceptics main account or post us a cheque to Climate Sceptics, PO box 721, Mt Gambier SA 5290.

We will send you a receipt by mail or email.

To those who have already sent in some funds - Thanks you very, very much.

Looking forward to your assistance,

Leon Ashby
President the Climate Sceptics
ph 0887235550

PS: (by Geoff Brown) NZ has just introduced their ETS and there have been immediate large price hikes. We need to avoid any form of costs for harmless Carbon Dioxide emissions.


  1. I have recently heard that Ms Gillard and Mr Brown have done a deal and are teaming up to to control the senate so they can introduce a new carbon tax.

    Most of Australia's electricity is produced by carbon based coal, so the only purpose of a carbon tax is to increase the price I am going to pay for my electricity.

    We have just recently just had large price hikes in our electricity bills and we are concerned that Gillard and Brown want to double or triple our electricity bills (and other costs indirectly) with a new carbon tax.

    Our understanding is that a $20 per ton price on carbon will add 50% to my power bill and a $40 per ton will add 100% to my power bill.

    If these figures are close to the mark, then a lot of people are going to be in for a shock.


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