Climate Movie for Young People

Earlier this year, Case Smit and John Smeed arranged and financed the Australian tour of Lord Monckton. Now, to counteract the disinformation taught to young people, Case has asked that the following be distributed.

Climate Movie for Young People

When John Smeed and I brought Lord Monckton to Australia earlier this year, we found that the overwhelming majority of the audiences was definitely of the older generation. Where were the next generation of leaders and problem solvers? Where were the under 40’s? Most of us, but particularly that generation, have been exposed to inconvenient (un)truths, errors and exaggerations from Governments and most of the media, leading to a belief that mankind is guilty of starting a global warming trend that will have catastrophic consequences.

A suggestion was made during the Monckton Tour that a movie be made, aimed specifically at young people, to give them the real facts. This suggestion has been widely supported and has grown to a proposal to make a series of short movies that could be made into one documentary covering the science, economics and the morality of the “global warming” hypothesis. The bulk of the Australian filming is planned for Lord Monckton’s next visit to Australia in September/October 2010. Some more information about the movie is given in the dedicated web site: .

The North American Directors for this proposed movie are Susan Kucera and Gawain Bantle of Cinepartners. The budget amounts to about $300,000, which is very low for the quality of product we have planned given it must contain only incontrovertible facts and be professional enough to have credibility yet sassy enough to outdo “An Inconvenient Truth” in its appeal to youth. Joanne Nova ( ), an experienced science communicator, will be the principal script writer and the anchor person. The documentary will feature Lord Monckton, Prof. Ian Plimer, Prof. Peter Ridd, numerous other Australian and overseas experts as well as some teenagers and older “young” people. We will use animated graphics and humour to keep young viewers interested.

The intention is to distribute this movie to schools and to make it available on the internet. We may not be able to get mass distribution through 20th Century Fox, but we expect to get it shown at film festivals and selected cinemas.

We can put on a powerful display of all the images and information that hasn’t been featured in the media – it’s all the front-page news-busting headlines that no one has told our youth.

John Smeed and I are not in a position to underwrite this venture, so we are seeking donations from all like-minded individuals and organisations to provide the necessary funding. To join the team which is fighting back and to help us raise the $300,000 required, there is a “donate” button on page “The Plan” on web site: .
Given the expected wide distribution of this appeal, an average donation of $250 should get us to the target, but obviously we would need quite a few donations much greater than that; naturally any donation will be welcome.

Please pass this email on to everyone you can think of who might be willing to help.
If you can put this appeal on Facebook or another social networking site, please do so.

Thank you,

Case Smit,
Queensland 4566, Australia


  1. Excellent news. I look forward to seeing it. I have recently listed other useful climate movies here:

    I wish you all speed and success with your efforts.

    John Shade

  2. You may get the people who don't know the science with this crap, but anyone one with a brain and a conscious will not fall for this crap. I and the rest of us have the right to live on this planet, so do the plants and animals that this threatens, and you do not have the right to destroy these rights. So please stop spreading shit!
    Its the real (un)truth

  3. I doubt that last comment will ever appear, you wouldn't let anything against your argument be posted here would you?

  4. Well, Anonymous, both your comments are published, even the swear word that I should have eliminated.

    Why are you hiding behind "anonymous?" Do you not have the courage of your convictions?

    Let me ask you. Do you know science?

    If you would care to look up, here is some science.

    Dr. Joanne Nova (mentioned above) used to be an Alarmist. However, when better science came along, she and her Husband DAr David Evans changed sides. What was the science that started the change of mind? Thousands of years of history from the Vostok Ice Core samples. These show that Carbon Dioxide does not cause warming but rather warming causes the rise in Carbon Dioxide.

    THere is much more real science that I could let you have, try googling Ferenc Miskolczi and his peer-reviewed papers.

    I doubt that your answer will ever appear, you wouldn't let anything against your non-argument convince you, would you?

  5. Well, I hope they can raise the funds said this page and the video will be disseminated as it is I think the hardest part of post production.


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